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The Radio Academy is seeking two new Trustees to join its board.  Expressions of interest are welcome from any member of the Radio Academy that would like to stand for election.

The Trustees are the vital governing body of The Academy, who oversee the strategy and direction of its activity. Trustees serve a three-year term and are expected to play an active role and attend a minimum of six board meetings per year, by video conference or in-person in London. They should bring with them significant experience and understanding of the UK audio sector.

Interested Members should carefully read the Trustee Role Description, before applying.

Applicants should then prepare:

    • a 500-word statement specifying why they would like to be a Trustee, and what they feel they would offer as member of the board
    • a CV of no more than two pages
    • a photograph suitable for publication
  • Applications must be submitted using this application form. This form is only visible to logged-in Radio Academy Members.
  • Applications are open from now until 31 December.

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Questions Answered, about the Election process

Why are there only two places this year? The Board of Trustees has decided to, over the next three years, reduce the overall size of the board from its current size of 14 people to ten.  It has made this decision in-line with common practice to make boards more efficient, more accountable, and more manageable.  To achieve this, for the next three years, as three trustees stand down, two will be elected in their place.  Therefore, the board from 2024 will be made up of six elected trustees with four spaces available for them to co-opt additional expertise as required.

Why is there a shortlisting process this year?  In recent years, any Member who puts themselves forward has automatically been put on the ballot.  The Board of Trustees feels that this has resulted in unwieldy ballots (e.g. 31 candidates in 2021). With a large ballot, members are presented with a difficult decision, and there is a risk that decisions are based on familiarity rather than an appraisal of each candidate's qualifications or expertise.  A shortlisting process - which assesses each applicant against a set of criteria in a role description - is a very common method for selecting Trustees for a charity, to ensure every candidate has the requisite experience and expertise for the role.

Who will be doing the shortlisting?  A sub-committee of the Board of Trustees will be formed, consisting of at least one person from the BBC, from commercial radio, and from independent or grassroots radio. The Managing Director of the Academy will be a non-voting member of the group.