ROAR – South Asian on-mic talent

The R.O.A.R. webinars from The Radio Academy aim to amplify and lead the debate about race in our industry. They are designed to provide a platform for those who dare to share their powerful stories and experiences, and suggest what the radio and audio industry can do to promote the equality of ambition and opportunity. The previous R.O.A.R. webinars are available to watch online, for members and non-members alike.

This webinar took place on Thursday 3 December 2020 and was hosted by Bela Shah (Sky Sports News), with guests Anushka Arora (Sunrise Radio), Bobby Friction (BBC Asian Network), Bally Singh (Saturday Night Side Eye podcast), Sangeeta Pillai (Masala podcast), and Neev Spencer (TV & Radio broadcaster). More details about the speakers are included below the video.