How to Get a Job in Local Radio

Local Radio has changed beyond all recognition in the last decade. It used to be the first-step on the ladder for aspiring radio professionals – the first paid job making tea, writing quizzes or reading travel, which led on to a fulfilling career in broadcasting. But, is it still?

While it feels there are more opportunities than ever to learn the craft and fall in love with the medium – including hundreds of incredible community, hospital, and student radio stations – how does an aspiring radio practitioner make that first leap into professional work, and is Local Radio still the place to do it?

With the radio job market having shrunk so much in recent years, we’re asking a panel of Local Radio bosses what it takes to get a paid job working in radio in 2022. What are they looking for? What can people do to make themselves more employable? And what do they think the future is for professional local broadcasting?

With Emma Clements (Editor, BBC Radio Cornwall), Dick Stone (Group Content Manager, Jack Radio), and David Robertson (Regional Content Director, Bauer Scotland) and our host Mary Mandefield, plus a contribution on Community Radio from Miranda Rae (Ujima Radio).

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