40 Years of MFR

As Moray Firth Radio approaches its 40th year of broadcasting, The Radio Academy’s Scotland Branch presented an evening hosted by Garry Spence to take a look at one of the most successful stations in Scotland and the UK.

Garry was joined by Susie Rose who recently released a book about the station called Making Waves, with launch MD Thomas Prag, former Head of Radio for BBC Scotland Jeff Zycinski, and Grace Nicoll who presents the MFR Breakfast Show with Dan Gilchrist. Also on the panel were Darren Adam, formerly of MFR now at LBC, and Gemma McLean, an MFR alumnus now at KingdomFM.

Garry and the panel looked at how MFR became such a highly regarded training ground for new talent, and also discuss the importance of broadcasting to the Highlands and the North of Scotland, and what radio means to audiences in this very special part of the world.

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