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One of radio’s true characters and an architect of regional radio John Myers has passed away. Our thoughts are with his family. 


He was a Fellow of the Radio Academy and held the CEO role from 2011-2012. 






The Breakfast Network,

Zoe Ball: Before & Beyond,

Short Shelf Life Podcasts,

BBC Sounds: Six Months On ,

Greg James: What Did We Do This Morning,

The New Age of Digital Audio According to… Ruth Fitzsimons,

How To Go Viral in 10 mins,

The New Age of Digital Audio, according to…Brenda Salinas Baker,

Beyond The Pod,

Simon Mayo,

Frank Skinner,

Margot James MP,

René Carayol,

Ros Atkins,

Local In A Digital Age,

Finding and Nurturing New Talent,

Mobeen Azhar: Room for a View?,

The New Age of Digital According to Sammy Andrews,

The Breakfast Network

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Zoe Ball: Before & Beyond

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Short Shelf Life Podcasts

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BBC Sounds: Six Months On 

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How do you feel when you walk into a room of strangers? The first step is knowing how to feel confident, so you can meet and talk to new people. Come early to Radio Festival for a fun breakfast session where you will hear some proper practical advice on talking to new people and how to make the most of those conversations. Join Camilla Byk from Podium:Me in what could be useful at Rad Fest and every other time you walk into a new room!

The Breakfast Network is an optional session, beginning at 9:15. If you would like to attend to gain some valuable tips for the day ahead, please email with the subject 'The Breakfast Network.'

Produced by Billy Draper.

On 14th January 2019, Zoe Ball became the first female host of the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, taking over from Chris Evans. In this interview with Paddy O’Connell, Zoe will talk about history repeating with her predecessor, her time at Radio 1 in the 90s, how she got offered the biggest radio gig in Europe on Radio 2 (the station she listened to as a kid), and how she’s fallen back in love with doing a daily breakfast show.

Produced by Graham Albans.


The Guardian and the Economist have both recently revelaed new big budget podcasts based on current affairs, turning content around at speed.  Is the podcasting world evolving to finally replace radio? Join Mike Newman (Audioboom), Kait Borsay (Womens Football Podcast), Cheryl Brumley (Intelligence Podcast) & Dino Sofos (Brexitcast) to see if 'live' is a thing of the past.

 Produced by Louisa Wells.

Last autumn the BBC launched its new ambitious audio product, BBC Sounds, bringing together its radio, music and podcasts in one place. Six months on, the BBC’s Director of Radio & Education James Purnell explains why he believes Sounds has a crucial part to play in the continued success of radio in the UK..

Produced by Phil McGarvey.


Greg James: What Did We Do This Morning

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The New Age of Digital Audio According to… Ruth Fitzsimons

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How To Go Viral in 10 mins

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The New Age of Digital Audio, according to…Brenda Salinas Baker

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Greg James and team talk about producing daily radio, what are the challenges, what are the highlights.  How do you work with your audience to get real interactivity at breakfast and how important is social content, oh, and of course, the music.  We know Greg, you know Greg, so one thing is certain, this is going to be a brilliant conversation!

 Produced by Grace Hopper.

Ruth Fitzsimons, podcast consultant and former SVP at audioBoom. In an increasingly crowded and professional podcast market, what lessons must we learn from the golden age of TV about content, distribution and business models?

Produced by Ben Weisz.


Katy Leeson, UK Managing Director from Social Chain shares the secrets of being able to make your content go viral in 10 minutes, maybe even this session!

 Produced by Ben Weisz.

Technology companies say they want to fix audio discovery and give creators new tools to tell better stories in innovative formats. What will be the editorial implications of these technological changes? Brenda Salinas Baker will take you on time-hopping journey to help you future-proof your radio organization. 

Produced by Ben Weisz.


Beyond The Pod

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Simon Mayo

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Frank Skinner

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Margot James MP

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It’s one thing to make a great podcast. But it’s certainly not the only thing. As podcasts break further into the mainstream, the opportunities to monetise increase  dramatically. Should you take your podcast onto the road? Should you look to secure your first book deal? How risky is Merch? Iain M, Muddy Knees Media is joined by Scarlett Curtis (Feminists Don't Wear Pink), Damon Pettitt (Off The Kerb), and Orlando Mowbray (Harper Collins).

Produced by Louisa Wells.


Simon Mayo: Starting Over. After 37 years at the BBC, Simon made the biggest decision of his life to join a start-up digital radio station. Simon talks about his radio life, the BBC and his new home Scala. Joined by BBC Radio journalist and presenter Anita Arnand to ask the questions, including all the one's we've been thinking since we heard he was at Radio Festival.

Produced by Tom Watters.


 In his autobiography, Frank Skinner said you’d be able to tell his career was in ruins because he’d say he was passionate about radio. Well, he’s just celebrated a decade on Absolute Radio and he couldn’t be happier. In this interview with fellow comic and Absolute Radio presenter Matt Forde, Frank will talk about his decade on-air, why he’s most like his real self when he’s behind the microphone and why his is the only radio show to feature an AE Housman alarm.

 Produced by Paul Sylvester.

 Margot James, MP for Stourbridge since 2010, was appointed Digital Minister in January 2018 having previously held a range of Government roles, including Government Whip and Small Business Minister. Before entering politics, Margot was a successful businesswoman, co-founding and running her own award-winning consultancy business focusing on healthcare PR.

Margot is a passionate supporter of radio and joins us to present a keynote address on the UK radio and audio sectors including the next steps towards ensuring radio's vibrant digital future.

Produced by Yvette Dore.

René Carayol

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Ros Atkins

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Local In A Digital Age

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Finding and Nurturing New Talent

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The New Age of Leadership: Global Keynote Speaker, Leadership Guru, Writer, Broadcaster and Author René Carayol provides a compelling approach to the future that is built on ‘managing a little less and leading a little more'.

Produced by John Ryan.

50:50 is an initiative that uses a voluntary system of self-monitoring to help journalists and producers to increase the representation of women in their content. It began on Ros Atkins' BBC News programme Outside Source and after delivering great success there, it has organically grown to involve close to 500 BBC content teams and over 20 other media organisations. On May 15, the BBC will publish its 5050 Report which will contain analysis of the considerable impact the initiative has had on BBC content. Ros Atkins is the creator and presenter of the nightly news show Outside Source which simulcasts on BBC World News and BBC News Channel. He was also a news presenter for BBC World Service radio for many years. In 2016, Ros started 50:50 and continues to be its Project Director. Ros also recently released a BBC podcast about what happened when the notorious US TV news anchor Keith Olbermann started texting him out of the blue.

Produced by Diggory Waite.

Does local still have a place in a digital age? Chris Burns thinks it does.

The landscape of Local Radio is changing, but while commercial radio moves out the BBC remains committed to local broadcasting. Join the former Voice of Hull and Local Radio presenter Kofi Smiles in conversation with Chris Burns, the Head of Audio and Digital for BBC England, on why local still matters.

Produced by Martyn Weston.

It’s such an exciting time for the industry with the next generation of talent coming through and making a huge impact. BBC Radio 1Xtra's Snoochie Shy talks to Niccy Logan, Station Manager at Transmission Roundhouse, Paul Sylvester, Absolute Radio’s Content Director and Dave Young, Director of Programming at TBI Media. They have a wealth of experience between them and talk about what they look for when finding new talent in a forever changing industry, with the importance of embracing diversity.

Produced by Naomi Oiku.

Mobeen Azhar: Room for a View?

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The New Age of Digital According to Sammy Andrews

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BAFTA winning journalist Mobeen Azhar in conversation with Georgie Prodromou exploring the value of polemic in modern radio. How can broadcasters have a view within the context of public service broadcasting and why are qualified voices currency in the world of podcast.

Produced by Nick Howard.

Founder and CEO of Deviate Digital and former Director of Entertainment Intelligence Sammy Andrews has a long history at the forefront of the digital landscape. Radio, streaming, voice activation, Sammy will be dissecting the future of music in light of the current digital climate.



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