Thank you to all of you, who voted in our Trustee elections. The results of which have given us lots of food for thought. Clearly all the candidates were offering something that appealed to many of you and so having talked to them and Roger Cutsforth, our new MD, what we have decided to do is in addition to having our Trustee Board we will also have a series of mini Boards.

Decisions will still be signed off at Board meetings, but I want these sub-groups to help us be the sort of Radio Academy that meets your needs and also helps us get things done more quickly.

The Trustee Board will be:

Chair ā€“ Chris Burns, BBC

Deputy Chair - Steve Parkinson, Bauer Media

John Dash, John Dash Media

Camilla Byk,

Nishi Sharma

Matt Payton, Radiocentre

Sam Bailey, BBC

Jonty Usborne, Student Radio Association

John Baish, BBC Radio Berkshire

In addition Dom Chambers will Chair a new Board made up of our affiliated members ā€“ SRA, CMA, SW, RIG, Prison Radio and Hospital Radio. Chris Lycett will start to work with our Fellows and set up a Fellows Timebank, so we can tap into their knowledge and expertise. John Dash will work with the Local Branch Chairs, especially those in the nations to ensure that we donā€™t fall into the trap of being too London centric. There is a lot of talent in this industry across the whole and we should celebrate it all. Iain Betson will work with us to help ensure the Radio Skills Council takes into account the skills our craft areas need and Mal Reding and I are looking at ways to ensure we never forget that our industry is all about audiences.

We will write with further details about these groups as they develop and once the dates of the meetings have been agreed, we will put the details here on the website.

Chris Burns, Chair.