ARIAS 2017: Members Tickets


ARIAS 2017:
Tickets FREE for Radio Academy Members

2017's ARIAS returns to the First Direct Arena in Leeds on the 19th of October. Our host Scott Mills will front a great show, filled with wonderful acts and fabulous award presenters. Doors open from 6pm and the show starts at 7:15pm sharp, followed by a glitzy after party. The Radio Academy look forward to seeing you for the big night, where the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners of our 23 categories will be announced and celebrated. To top it all off, tickets are free for Radio Academy Members - this page gives you all the information you need to know on how to reserve ticket.

Reserve Member Tickets

It's super easy to reserve free Members tickets for the ARIAS, either for yourself or on behalf of others. Simply fill in the form below for each attendee, just read the following information first.

Membership Check

We're delighted to be able to offer Radio Academy Member's complimentary tickets to the ARIAS. Before we are able to confirm your reservation, our system will check that the email address given in the form below is linked to an active Member account. If there are any problems with your Membership status, we will drop you an email and easily resolve it with you.

Patrons: Remember that even if you belong to one of patron organisations - which grants you free Membership - you still need to have registered and activated your account, using your patron email address (e.g [email protected]).

Not yet a Member? Only our Members are granted a complimentary ARIAS ticket. If you aren't yet a Member but work in the radio or media industry, come and join the family. Membership costs £36 a year - the same price as Non-Member ARIAS tickets, which must be bought from the First Direct Arena website - and includes great perks throughout the year, as well as your free ARIAS ticket.

Postage: Wristbands and Tickets

Once we have confirmed each ticket holder's Membership status, we will be popping a ticket and wristband in the post to the address provided. This means that upon arrival you can glide straight to the main doors on the Arena - no queuing at the Box Office in the cold, hurrah! Just remember to bring both the wristband and ticket with you - the venue's stewards cannot admin anyone without both.

Postal Cut Off Date: ORDER BEFORE THURSDAY 12TH OCTOBER to ensure your tickets are sent out via post. Tickets reserved beyond this date will need to be collected at the First Direct Box Office.

Unreserved Seating

Seating for Members is unreserved - giving you total freedom to sit with your team. Be sure to arrive in good time to bag your seats - doors open from 6:30pm and the show starts at 7:15pm sharp.
Note that those those who choose to buy Non-Member tickets through the First Direct website will have reserved seating in an area separate from Radio Academy Members.

Attendance Check / Cancelling your Ticket

A week before the ARIAS we will send an email to all ticket holders asking them to confirm their attendance. If you can no longer attend and haven't already told us, it will be easy for you to let us know that you won't be joining us. Please do not give your ticket to someone else who would like to attend, or accept an unwanted ticket from someone else if you have not reserved one yourself. Always reserve a new ticket for a new ticket holder - it's important for health and safety that we know who is in attendance on the night.

Any further questions? Drop us email!


Email Address of Ticket Holder:

Is this email address linked to an active Radio Academy Member's account? Remember that even Patrons need to register!

Please note we can only accept one reservation per email address.


Postal Address:

Where and to whom should we send this wristband and ticket?

If we are sending to you, and not the ticket holder directly, please help us to ensure that they receive the wristband and ticket - the venue's stewards cannot admit anyone without them.


Are you a nominee?

Are you part of a team who represent a shortlisted piece of audio?

Let us know if so - it really helps us plan the night!


That's it - you're now ARIAS ready!