Show You’re Listening: donate to AREF


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The Radio Academy has launched a new initiative called ‘Show You’re Listening’ to encourage colleagues to donate in support of the recently established Audio and Radio Emergency Fund (AREF).

The Radio Academy is encouraging those who remain working full time in the radio and audio industry to donate a day’s pay, a show fee, or as much they can afford, via the AREF JustGiving page in order to help less fortunate colleagues and peers throughout the UK.

The Audio and Radio Emergency Fund was created last month by The Radio Academy with support from AudioUK, the BBC, Audible, ReelWorld, Radio Today and Folder Media to help those in the radio and audio sector who are facing hardship because of the coronavirus crisis. The JustGiving page has been set up in response to enquiries from individuals who have expressed interest in wanting to support the fund.

The Radio Academy CEO John Dash said: “After the initial rounds of assessments and distributions from the AREF it’s become even clearer that there’s a need to do more to provide support for freelancers and other individuals who are the lifeblood of radio, podcasts, and audiobooks.”

One successful applicant commented: “The fund was a life-saving discovery for me. At a time when I was slipping through the cracks of financial help, it enabled me to plan a way out. It helped provide financial stability and feel part of a community. I cannot thank the fund enough for their help.”

Show You’re Listening is already being backed by people from around the UK including those working in both the public and commercial radio sector.

The Radio Academy trustee and Magic Breakfast presenter Harriet Scott is supporting the initiative: “I’m fortunate that I’m able to continue to do my show at the moment but I know many people in the industry haven’t been so lucky. This is an opportunity for all of us who love radio to turn up and help our colleagues in their time of need.”

Heart Yorkshire drivetime presenter Dixie has also added his backing: “Radio has always been a big family, and when a family member needs help it’s important that we support them and show we’re there.”

Chair of the AREF Dom Chambers said: “This is a time of shared responsibility when we need to be looking after each other. The demand on the fund far outweighs its capacity so I hope those who are in a position to support will help and any contribution will definitely help.”

You can Show You’re Listening and make a donation via or to apply for funding visit