Discount Code and Bursaries for Podcast Day 24

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The Radio Academy is delighted to be partnering with Podcast Day 24 to offer a discount to all Radio Academy Members, plus a bursary scheme for those that might not be able to buy a ticket themselves.

Podcast Day 24 is a really exciting online conference, bringing you 24 hours of podcasting content from Australia, Europe and North America. If you want to know what’s going on right now in the World of podcasting, then this is your chance. You can stay up for the entire 24hrs, or if you’re all out of good coffee, you can watch a mixture of live and on-demand sessions.

The conference has podcasters from around the world giving updates on what they’re doing now, how they got there and what they’re looking forward to! Some of the exciting speakers announced so far include: Tolani Shoneye, Audrey Indome, and Milena Sanchez – also known as The Receipts. Happy Place star and creator, Fearne Cotton, Holly Bott, Managing Director of Entertainment at YMU Group, NPR’s Tamar Charney, Adam Bowie from BBC World Service, Knud Brix, Denmark’s number one podcaster plus James Cator, Spotify and speakers from the podcasts Brainwashed, Pop Chat and Evil by Design. Check out the full line-up on their website.

For Radio Academy members, we’re able to provide a discount code offering a whopping 24% off the online ticket price. This code will reduce a ticket from £99+VAT to £75+VAT. The code is only available for registered Radio Academy Members – if you can’t see it below, that’s because you first need to login to your Radio Academy account.

You aren’t logged in! You can only see the code if you’re logged in as a Radio Academy Member.

Radio Academy Bursaries for Podcast Day 24

The Radio Academy is a registered charity, dedicated to the celebration and promotion of excellence in radio and audio. As part of our work, we’re pleased to be able to offer a limited number of Radio Academy Bursaries to Podcast Day 24, for people who can’t afford the ticket price themselves. Recipients must be based in the UK, and be able to show an existing level of commitment to a career in podcasting or radio.

The Radio Academy Bursary scheme is open for applications until Monday 17th May at 12:00 noon. We will inform successful applicants by Monday 24th May. As part of this process, we ask you to self-certify that you qualify for a Radio Academy Bursary, and to give us any more information about your financial circumstances that you feel comfortable submitting.

All information will be held confidentially by The Radio Academy, and only used to judge your bursary application. You don’t have to be a member of The Radio Academy to apply – if you are successful, we will gift you one year’s membership. Successful recipients will be asked to write a short summary of their experience at the event (e.g. 500 words), so that we can assess the impact of the bursary.

  • Tell us about your work in the podcasting or radio sector, so that we can understand how this event is a good fit for you. (250 chars)
  • Tell us why the event appeals to you, what you hope to learn, which sessions you are most interested in, and how it will help your career. (250 chars)
  • The Radio Academy has created these bursaries to help people who can not afford to attend the event themselves, or don't have a regular employer who could cover the cost. Please tick the box to confirm that you believe this matches your situation.
  • Having confirmed the statement above, is there anything else you want to let us know about your financial situation? (250 chars)