Phil Critchlow


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Tim was a pioneer, an innovator and a driving force for good in radio for over 60 years. Above all though he was dignified, fair, led by example with huge integrity and put people first – in simple terms he was a true gentleman.

He had an enormously positive and generous impact on my life and career during the 12 years I was lucky enough to have him as a mentor at Unique Broadcasting and UBC Media, and since then as a valued friend and confidant. Rarely does a week pass where I’m not making a decision that leads me to consider ‘what would Tim do’. Invariably the answer is, quite simply, ‘the right thing’. Tim would always take an approach which wasn’t short term, or purely commercial but one which considered the bigger picture, the best possible outcome for the people who it affected, and the industry that’s been so important to both of us.

Tim will be sorely missed by all those who were lucky enough to have known and worked with him. Long may the fundamental values that he consistently stood for be upheld by the UK audio industry as it continues to innovate and lead the world, in no small part due to his wisdom and guidance over the decades.

My thoughts are with Margaret, Simon, Jo and the rest of the family Tim was clearly so proud of.