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A date has now been confirmed for Tim Blackmore’s memorial. The event will be held on Tuesday 24th October 2023 at 12pm in the BBC Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA.
Please note you do need to register your attendance as the BBC requires a list of expected guests prior to the event for security reasons. Please also note you’ll need to bring a form of photo ID with you to gain access to the Radio Theatre.

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Helen Thomas

Tim was a true gentleman. I first met him properly at a Radio Festival dinner in Salford many years ago and I spent the entire evening eagerly soaking up the legendary tales of his time at BBC R1 and much more besides. He was always so wise and generous with his time and advice, and I’m delighted we were able to honour his immense contribution to the radio and audio industry at the ARIAS earlier this year, so he was able to see first-hand the genuine affection and warm regard he was held in by every single person in the room. Thank you so much Tim, we will miss you very much xx

Matthew Bannister

Tim made a huge contribution to the development of radio in the UK. From his days at the BBC to his significant impact on commercial radio and his pivotal role in building the independent production sector, his passion for the medium shone through. He was wise, polite, thoughtful and kind, a true gentleman. I will always be grateful to him for giving a young reporter (me) a job at Capital Radio in the early 1980s and for his insight and advice freely given whenever our paths crossed in later years. He will be sadly missed.

Oliver Smallman

Tim was simply one of the greats in broadcasting . I had the honour of organising Marianne Faithful interview in Ross on Wye and accompanying Tim to an eventful recording for his Women in Pop series!
At Capital I spent years trying to persuade him that various artists of mine had just produced another smash hit. He always lent me his ears but not always his stations playlist!! He was a man with integrity and kindness and I am honoured to have known him. Sincerest condolences to Margaret and his family.

Dirk Anthony

Tim and I came into contact early in my career here in the UK; I remember his patience with a somewhat nervous and cocky Aussie coming onto his turf. I had the chance to tell Tim what he may not have known, that I admired his calmness, grace and professionalism as a gentleman and radio leader. My only regret is not having the courage to tell him till recently.

Sending love and best wishes to Tim’s family.

Russ Kane

The word ‘legend’ has been diluted as it is all too often applied to anyone who can walk down the street & chew gum at the same time, but Tim Blackmore was a true legend. His knowledge was unsurpassed. His integrity & enthusiasm was unbounded. His contribution to the world of radio cannot be overstated. Above all, he was a modest, charming, self-deprecating man.

Mark Simpson

As a listener I marvelled at Tim’s productions and decisions at Radio 1 and then Capital Radio, all of which were at the top of the very highest league. I wanted to work in an industry where someone like Tim could give us Kenny Everett and Noel Edmonds and their groundbreaking shows across the airwaves.
It was such an honour and a joy to discover that, as a totally approachable person, he was warm, kind and incredibly wise. He was always happy to contribute to programmes and documentaries on Radio 2 and added so much to tributes to Roger Scott and a recent celebration of his friend the great Tony Blackburn. Sending condolences to Tim’s family. Rest in peace.

Meng Muk

Though I had never directly worked with Tim, and only ever known him as Simon Blackmore’s dad, I have heard of his legendary contributions to the radio industry and being the go-to advisor for my other colleagues back at Unique and I have been the recipient of some of Tim’s stories at some of the Unique events.

My condolences to Simon and your family. I’m sorry for your loss.

Rev Cindy Kent MBE

Tim was one of the most talented people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with in radio – both at the Beeb and Capital. He made it all seem effortless. I was proud to call him a friend over many years – including helping him earn a few pennies when he was ‘between jobs’!! A lovely gentleman and he will be sorely missed. Condolences to Margaret and the family. Thanks for the memories Tim, and may you Rest in Peace.

John Gillmore

I remember meeting Tim at the launch of Red Rose Rock FM and Red Rose Gold on the 1st of June 1990. He accompanied the great Emperor Rosko to the event. Tim had time to chat to everyone and was genuinely interested in listening

Steve Orchard

So many memories of Tim – all of them happy. From working out of the Watershed in the 80’s lining up the calls for him and Simon on “Rockline”, through to enjoying his masterful chairing of the Sony Awards committee. And who could ever forget the time an entire Radio Festival audience chanted at him whilst on stage, demanding he show us his freshly minted MBE medal. Naturally he obliged and we were all so proud of him, Radio’s ambassador-in-chief. Unceasingly supportive, unfailingly wise, and always measured. Condolences to all the Blackmore family.
And to you Tim – when our time comes, we’ll see you on that next waveband.

Miles Mendoza

I never worked with Tim but he agreed to meet me when I was a young AP and I was struck by his wisdom, kindness and encouragement. There can’t be many in our industry who were so universally liked and respected and who truly led by example. Sad day.

Phil Riley

I have many, many great memories of Tim. The earliest was 1981. I was on a training course and Tim had been drafted in to judge our presenting skills. I’m not sure I passed, and if I did it was just scraped!

Years later via Simon Cole we became friends and colleagues as the stations I ran did business with Unique. Never a cross word with either of them over many years of brilliant programming.

Later still I sat round the Sony Awards board table for a dozen years with Tim as chair – exemplary fairness and good sense at every meeting.

Through it all Tim wore his production brilliance lightly. Unless you knew, you would never realise this was the man who produced one of the biggest breakfast shows ever with Tony Blackburn, repeated the trick with Noel Edmonds on Sundays, helped Capital dominate in London and was so revered by Alan Freeman that Fluff asked him to be his manager so Tim could still be in his life.

A truly extraordinary career and a truly great man. My thoughts are with Margaret, Simon, Jo and the rest of his family – and his really close friends like Simon Cole and Simon Ward who will both be devastated.

Sadly the latest chapter in my life, Boom Radio, would have been a great finale for Tim – we were thrilled that he was going to be one of our founder investors – but a hold up on a property sale meant he couldn’t join. How we would have valued his advice had he been able to join us.

Next Sunday at 9pm we will be paying tribute to Tim on Boom with a special edition of our music and chat show “Choices” which Tim and I recorded just after his diagnosis. It’s a great listen – Tim could tell a great anecdote – and very moving too.

Do give it a listen.

RIP Tim.

Jon Holmes

Hugely missed, Tim. An inspiration and incredibly encouraging to me as a newbie many, many years ago. Basically, what I do in radio is all your fault. If only there were more industry leaders like you. Rest easy.

Glen Barnham

Tim was a gentleman in every sense of the word decent,honest and always hit the right buttons if meeting on business or socially. Commercial Radio has lost a pioneer and friend. Truly was a one off someone who cared for the business. Condolences to his family at this sad time.

Helen Boaden

As a guardian of great radio and great radio people, few came close to Tim. When I was Controller of Radio 4, I sat on the Sony Awards Committee and watched him in action as Chair. He was simply the best : careful, clear, scrupulously fair and utterly determined. And all done with wry, dry humour and a lot of self deprecation. Our often fractious industry owes him a very great deal. He helped hold it together to demonstrate and celebrate our many strengths. As a colleague and friend he was shrewd, kind and very loyal. Decency shone out of him. And beyond all that, he adored his wife and family. They have my deepest sympathy.

Simon Cooper

Tim is frequently remembered in these pages as generous but he was never more generous than when he came to Cambridge in the late 1970s to talk about radio with a bunch of us student radio wannabees. He was kind, encouraging and inspired us to go into the industry he so clearly loved. The many times I met him later as I progressed through GWR and Classic FM simply reinforced my respect for his quiet enthusiasm and deep knowledge. The world has lost him, but will continue to benefit from all the talent that he nurtured to get behind a microphone or a mixing desk.

Luke Davies

Tim was extremely kind and generous, he was more than just a giant of Radio. He was hugely supportive to me in the last few years. I’ll never forget the lockdown in 2020, when he was supposed to present a seminar to my team at Radio Platfform. Despite the restrictions and not being able to hold the seminar face to face, he agreed to a Zoom call with our members. The call was a real success and Tim was both enthusiastic and had time for everyone on that call. I’ll always be thankful for the time he gave to me and the team for participating in the call. He gave so much support and had so many funny stories to share about the industry. Thank you Tim, for everything.

Matt Jamison

I was lucky enough to work with Tim for a couple of years at Classic Gold. I got to know him and thoroughly enjoyed his time, wisdom, knowledge and charisma. I feel very lucky to have been in the room when he was there. A huge part of where Radio has been and where it is today.

Tony Blackburn

Thanks Tim for all the memories. We pioneered the first breakfast show together on the newly opened Radio 1 in 1967 and you made it easy for me coming into the BBC having been on the Pirate Ships. Our paths crossed so many times over some sixty or so years and you achieved so much in the radio world to be proud of. Recently you and I were honoured by the ARIAS awards I am sad that I couldn’t be there to see you for the final time, rest in peace old friend.

Martin Campbell

Proud to have called Tim a friend. A giant of media and a real gentleman. So many have benefited from his advice and wise words. RIP

Owen Bentley

Ever polite, ever the gentleman, Tim was a force in the radio world for more than 50 years. My memories of him go back to Bush House where we were both studio managers but I really got to know him well in the early years of the Radio Academy and the Radio Festival. His contacts in the commercial radio, in the nascent force of the independents and in the BBC were second to none and all three benefited from his absolute commitment to the medium. What set Tim apart from the run of radio executives was that he was a programme maker at heart with a fabulous record in speech and music radio. He burned bright for so long that it is hard to know that his flame has now been extinguished. RIP Tim

Helen Hooper (nee Souber)

To the man who gave me a wonderful appraisal when I left Radio One to go to Radio Two as a fully fledged radio production secretary….a heartfelt thank you. Such a lovely man and a sweetie to all of us ‘girls’ in Egton House. To his family my deepest condolences. RIP dear Tim.

Adam White

In the radio and record industries of the past 40+ years, there have been few individuals as accomplished, modest, warm and generous as Tim Blackmore. Having spent so long working in that intersection on both sides of the Atlantic during that time, I feel qualified to make that claim, and know that the loss will be felt by many. Moreover, Tim seemed not to lose his sense of humour amid his terrible diagnosis. He will be greatly missed, and never forgotten by all who knew him. Condolences to Margaret and the family.

Theresa Lawler

I had the pleasure of working as Tim Blackmore’s PA at Unique Broadcasting/UBC Media Group and we have stayed in touch ever since. We knew each other for nearly 25 years and I can honestly say he was the kindest, funniest, happiest person I have ever known. He lived life to the full, had wonderful stories to tell, and had so many wise words to give. Tim’s honesty, integrity, generosity and love of life will be sorely missed by many, and I will personally miss him as my friend and mentor.

My thoughts are with you Margaret, Simon, Joanna and the grandchildren. Love to you all.

May Tim rest in peace.
Theresa x