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When, just over a year ago Tim sent an email telling a few friends and colleagues of his devastating diagnosis, I sent him this email which I paste below.

Oh Tim
I am so terribly sorry to hear this devastating news.
I want you to know how much respect and affection I have for you and how important you have been as a mentor, boss, teacher, confidant and friend.
I think back to all of the great work we did at Capital; Help A London Child weekends with you sitting by my side, a calm presence amid the chaos, and from those events the strongest memory I have is your laughter – we did laugh a lot didn’t we ?

“Six Of The Best” would never had happened had it not been for your vision, your support and, once again, your sense of humour ! It was groundbreaking programming, evidenced by the fact that it has been copied ( but never equalled) by countless less gifted programmers than yourself many times over.

Tim, you have not just been a huge influence on my professional life but you are a role model to me in so many other ways. Decency, honesty, integrity,principle, probity,virtue and candour are just some of the qualities you have shown me and others.

In an industry where those admirable qualities are sometimes seen as unimportant or even a sign of weakness, you showed us that great success can be achieved without having to jettison those principles.

You showed us that good guys can win.

You are a giant of our industry.

It has been a privilege to have you as a colleague and a friend.

I count myself so lucky that our paths intersected.

Please keep in touch when you can.

With warmth, affection and respect,