Lesley Douglas


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Often overused, but the terms legend and iconic are barely enough to describe one of the smartest, kindest and most generous of men. It is right that the industry is in mourning for one of its greats who defined not only what was possible, but also that it was possible to be so impressive while having such integrity.
And so so many people have talked about how important he was in their careers and also to them personally. And I am no exception. Tim, for no gain to himself, took me under his wing when I had no experience and no standing in the industry. And he encouraged me to get involved in the Radio Festival – he taught me that being in the BBC was not enough. That understanding and being part of the industry as a whole was the only way to be. And he did exactly that – he stood bestride the BBC and commercial radio, admired by both equally. I learned so much from him over the years and I constantly told him that – but he would never take the thanks. Helping people was just in his DNA. It was just who he was.
It is important that he was admired – but even more, that he was loved. So loved. And he will be so missed.