John Leech


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As a young man Tim gave me my first radio job, as a record librarian at Capital Radio. He never knew how much getting that job meant to me . Working at a radio station I loved . It became a solid foundation, for building a career.

I spent long hours at the station, watching learning and gaining invaluable experience.
Tim always seemed like a calming influence around the building, and he was a massive part of the magical years of Capital Radio.

I stayed at Euston Tower for six years, before leaving to start my own radio show on Essex Radio.

I didn’t speak to Tim, or see him, for 30 years !
We finally communicated again, when I heard of his illness, and I wanted to write to him.
I opened my letter by saying , I doubt you will remember me Tim, as it was a long time ago I worked for you .

Tim then told me that he had followed my work, often listened to my shows, and knew exactly about my successes and what I had been up to, since 1986 !

That says so much by itself, about the substance and genuine personality of Tim !
How can such a man not be missed ? However , those that met him and worked with him, will I hope, continue to display his honesty and work ethic.

So pleased I met Tim Blackmore. Lovely man . My love, good wishes and Gods strength to Tim’s family .