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A date has now been confirmed for Tim Blackmore’s memorial. The event will be held on Tuesday 24th October 2023 at 12pm in the BBC Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA.
Please note you do need to register your attendance as the BBC requires a list of expected guests prior to the event for security reasons. Please also note you’ll need to bring a form of photo ID with you to gain access to the Radio Theatre.

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Colin Wilsher

I worked with Tim when he was Chairman of Classic Gold Digital and I was the CEO. He provided a source of wise council for me and I enjoyed his company immensely. He will be sadly missed by many.

Caroline Raphael

I’m only going to repeat the words everyone else has already used. But goodness he merits them being said over and over again. Tim was a man of generosity, kindness, spirit, fairness, humour, and wisdom. He had such clarity of thought and vision that we will all miss. Condolences to all his family.

Sandra Diane Ward

Sad news to hear that Tim Blackmore has passed away. Condolences to his wife and children. R.I.P.x

Revd Cindy Kent

A true lover of the wireless!! I have such great memories of working with Tim; firstly at the BBC, then Capital Radio – CTVC (which he did ‘cos he needed the gig and was brilliant!) He was a trued professional in every sense of the word – and all done with grace and humour and integrity. Sadly, they broke the mould with Tim – just wish there would more around like him today. Rest in peace, old friend.

Scarlett Red

So sad to hear you passed. Sending love and condolences to your family and friends.

You were an absolute inspiration. A positive, major influence in our industry and so creative. You leave behind an incredible legacy and a gaping hole which will be very hard to fill.

Rest well, Tim

Dianne Wasgatt, nee Heaton

I knew Tim in 1965 when he lived in Chester House, Muswell Hill.
We lost touch when I moved to America in 1967.
By reading his obituary he has led and incredible life and was loved by many.
My condolences to his wife and children.

Tony Wilson

You were simply one of the most impressive people I’ve known in my life. Always calm, thoughtful, perceptive, fun and endlessly creative. You gave so much to the world and we are all poorer without you. R.I.P.

Valerie Handley

Very sad news and a huge loss to the radio industry. One of the greats .

Philippe Bertrand

Thank you Tim. Your life in radio really mattered to all who worked with you. You were always positif and full of ideas. Also you made my career by allowing me to learn so much.

John Baish

Tim was an inspiration and a friend to so many of us.

David Vickery

I was a very green seventeen year old when I met Tim. He was running FRANKS a Saturday night basement disco night at the Bickley Arms pub in Chislehurst. He accepted me as the warm-up DJ, later offering a job in the Capital Radio record library should I decide for that as the start of a career path. I opted instead to go to College – Tim sold me some spare disco lights (I ran the college disco) and he introduced me to a couple of people at Radio 210 who gave me my first broadcast experience. Although, we weren’t in touch beyond that ( I saw him a couple of times through the glass at Unique) he provided me with some excellent words of advice when needed most. Over four decades on, I’ve never forgotten his encouragement and enthusiasm. The news of his death has saddened me.

John D. Bryant

I am extremely saddened to hear that Tim has passed away. Tim was a lovely man; kind, generous and talented – a true gentleman. I will not forget how much he helped me in my career and I am privileged to have called him a friend. My thoughts are with his wife, Margaret and his children, Jo and Simon. RIP Tim x.

Tony Hale

Tim Blackmore was not just a great radio figure, he was also kind and generous. His work on The Story of Pop for Radio 1, plus his time at Capital and Unique, assure his place at the very top of the broadcasting pantheon.
But I’ll always remember his kindness and generosity to those around him, whatever their status, fame or lack of it.
He was a gentleman at all times.
Sincere condolences to Margaret and the family.

Alan Zafer & Alison Webb

For 30 years Tim’s commitment, passion and continued wisdom helped shape the Sony Radio Academy Awards – the celebration of excellence in the medium he loved. For 13 years Tim accepted our invitation to Chair the Awards. This he did with great integrity and dexterity often navigating challenging debate with a listening ear, sensitivity and grace (and always with a strong black coffee). For all the hard times, good times and fun times we thank and salute you!

Steve Ackerman

For many years, my and Jez Nelson’s company Somethin’ Else, was in competition with Tim and Simon’s at Unique in a fledgling audio production industry. Their great success pushed us to achieve more and I’m sure vice versa. And yet, despite being competitors, Tim was always humble in victory, gracious in defeat and a true gentleman to meet and talk with. I always found him to be warm, welcoming and encouraging of our success – seeing it as victory for the independent production sector which he had led on creating, rather than a shot aimed at Unique. He had the quality of being a true statesman of the industry and always deserved all the accolades and recognition he received. With the kindest of wishes to his loved ones and those closest to him – you can be proud of the standing he achieved in British audio.

Phil Ward-Large

I’m so very sad to hear of the passing of Tim Blackmore. Not only was he a titan of our industry but I doubt that there has ever been anyone so well liked or as universally respected as Tim. I count myself fortunate indeed to have worked with or for him numerous times over many years and it was never anything less than an absolute pleasure. Tim was also someone I often sought out for his professional advice and wisdom which I always found to be considered and full of common sense. The world is undoubtedly a far darker place for his passing and it’s certain we will never see his like again. God speed Tim and thank you for everything. RIP. x

Charlie Rose

Such sad news. Tim has been a true radio pioneer and inspiration for decades.
In the 1980’s – spearheaded by Felicity Wells (IBA/AIRC) the Independent Local Radio Programme Sharing Scheme was established. Tim & myself (although at competing stations) worked together to help share excellent drama, documentaries, music, features and current affairs between Independent Local Radio stations struggling to meet their commitments for speech radio. The 1990 Broadcasting Act brought this period to an end.
Rest in peace Tim.

Dave Johns

I only met Tim a few times at radio events but I knew of his many achievements. He was a gentleman and a radio legend and he will be sadly missed. RIP Sir and thank you for your huge contribution to our industry

Phil Harding

The Gentle Giant of radio. Many have used the words ‘wise’ and ‘generous’ in their tributes to Tim and they are extremely apt for a brilliant man who we have lost all too soon.
As a student working on University Radio York I was in awe of the Story of Pop. It was one of those programmes that set the standard for music documentaries. It was the sort of programme that made you think ‘gosh I wish I could have made that’. It was one of the programmes that made me want to work in radio.
Later when at the BBC I was lucky enough to fall under Tim’s chairmanship for the Sony Awards. He was brilliant. The best chair I have ever worked under. What could have been a very divisive and bitter group was the exact opposite because he led it with ease, charm and unfailing good humour. I remember the first meeting we had after one infamous year where an excess of alcohol on the evening had led to a particularly rowdy ceremony. The evening had delighted some – if they could remember it – and had horrified others – to the extent of there being talk of boycotts. Tim brought it back under control for the following year with a lot of sweet talking, persuading some of the the pre-event booze buses that their journey wasn’t necessary and by ensuring there was a lot of alcohol-soaking bread early on the dinner menu.
He was always gently reminding us of the bigger picture for and what was going to be good for the industry as a whole. He was so good at it. He was a true master of the ceremony.

Anna Harrison

I still can’t believe how lucky I was to have Tim as a boss and mentor for most of my radio career. There have been so many highlights, but one that will always stay with me was working with him on ‘Established 1973 – 40 Years of Commercial Radio’. What a privilege to “produce” the man who taught me how to produce! My mind still boggles at the fact that he gave me the responsibility of making, what was a total passion project for him. I did get him to re-take a line – not because he needed to, but because I could!

I honestly wouldn’t be the person I am today without his help, guidance and encouragement and for that I will be eternally grateful. Without Tim I wouldn’t be doing a job I absolutely love and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My thoughts are with Margaret, Simon and Jo. May you Rest In Eternal Peace.

Steven Saltzman

Tim was an inspiration to me in my radio Career I found his wise counsel large. A kind man who encouraged young talent and who I cared for profoundly. I’m weepy tonight in Switzerland.

Andre Leon

TIM BLACKMORE. Not to be forgotten. When I worked for Decca Records and Carlin Music Publishers Tim supported our Music Artists
and Composers. When I launched Community Station Central London Radio for new entrants and later UK Light Radio Tim offered his blessing and support. Indeed he encouraged both professionals and newcomers throughout our Industry. Following our launch of Classic fM in 1992 Tim was one of the very first to wish us “Bon Voyage” Thank you. TIM BLACKMORE. You will be remembered.

Kellie While

I haven’t met many people in this industry whose name, when mentioned, is universally acknowledged with warmth and respect. Tim is right at at the top of that list. I am thankful that he was always there to offer me and others (at Smooth Operations /Unique /7digital) guidance over the years, when needed. His kindness will not be forgotten. I am so sorry to Tim’s family for their loss.

Nick Minter

The first and best mentor I had. Knew everything, passionate and entirely genial and decent in his dealings with everyone. A very sad loss.