MusicMaster Scheduling invite you to join a global music community


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A guest post from The Radio Academy partners, MusicMaster Scheduling, announcing the first ever International Music Scheduling Summit IMS². The Summit kicks off in Berlin, Germany and you're invited...

Have you ever thought about the sheer number of like-minded individuals in the global music scheduling community who have been yearning for a gathering to connect and share ideas? Well, that time has come! The International Music Scheduling Summit ISM² is designed specifically for music directors, music planners and dedicated music lovers who are united by their passion for creating seamless music experiences for millions of listeners every day.

The event will take place for the first time on November 9 in Berlin, Germany, and is sponsored by The Radio Academy partner MusicMaster Scheduling.

"We're shifting the focus to fostering meaningful connections and inspiring conversations. It's time to put faces to the familiar names and engage in discussions that go beyond the ordinary," said Sven Zimmermann, Customer Relations at MusicMaster's international distributor ON AIR. "Imagine yourself in the middle of an engaging dialogue with fellow industry enthusiasts, sharing stories and gaining new perspectives on music curation."

Zimmermann's organizing team believes the Summit will become a hub for networking, seeking opportunities for collaboration, and sharing insights into the world of music strategy and scheduling.

IMS² | International Music Scheduling Summit