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Some of our Mentors

RAMP will match you with a Mentor that fits your profile and specific goals.  We can't promise to match you with a specific mentor, but we'll try our best.  Here is a selection of Mentors that have already agreed to take part.

rebecca frank 400

Rebecca Frank
Content Director,
KISS Network

scott taunton

Scott Taunton
Chief Executive,

lorna clarke

Lorna Clarke
BBC Popular Music

julie cullen

Julie Cullen
Managing Editor,
BBC Radio 5 Live

liam fisher

Liam Fisher
Controller of Speech Radio,

helen thomas 500

Helen Thomas
Head of Station,
BBC Radio 2

mohit bakaya

Mohit Bakaya
BBC Radio 4 and
Radio 4 Extra

chris skinner sq

Chris Skinner
Vice President,
Entertainment Podcasts UK
Somethin' Else


Steve Taylor
Creative Commercial Director,
Bauer Media

Debbie Ramsay

Debbie Ramsay
Executive Editor,
BBC News Commissioning

What they say about mentoring

“Having someone who’s not from your work inner-circle to help nurture your potential is not only nourishing and fun, it’s more and more essential in our ever-changing and competitive profession.

Building diverse contacts and emotional intelligence, collecting stories and experiences, gaining encouragement and confidence - are all important elements for growth and maintaining perspective and momentum with your career.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had mentors I sought out who have boosted my energy, helped me realise what I wanted and enabled me to go for it. Being a mentor is also an incredibly rewarding, stimulating and humbling role to take on, for someone wanting to demystify things or to take their next step.

Mentoring quite frankly makes the world go round, and I can’t wait to connect with new people, and learn things myself along the way.”

Rebecca Frank,
Content Director, KISS

“I had a terrific mentor when I first joined the BBC as a trainee. In the early days, her wise counsel was invaluable in helping me navigate a complex organisation, as well as supporting me when things got tough. I cannot stress enough how important I think the mentoring system can be, and how we should all value it, both as mentor or mentee.”

Mohit Bakaya,
Controller, BBC Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra

"Mentoring can be the vital missing piece of the puzzle for so many talented young people as they navigate their career and try to define their full potential.

It can be the voice of encouragement that lets them stretch themselves that bit further than they thought possible."

Scott Taunton,
CEO, Wireless

"Mentoring can really make the difference between believing you can get 'there' and not getting there, because there’s someone who believes in YOU when even YOU doubt your ability.

"Mentoring is a two-way street and both parties can benefit. It also means you should get some no strings attached honesty. It isn’t just about cheerleading."

Lorna Clarke,
Controller, BBC Popular Music