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RAMP 2024

Applications for the Radio Academy Mentoring Programme 2024 are now closed but below is some general information about the application process.

Read on to find out more about what RAMP offers, what we're looking for, if you're eligible to apply, key dates and what to expect.

Is RAMP for me?

RAMP is for mid-career radio and audio professionals who are actively looking to progress or make a change in their career, for example:

  • Looking to step up to a more senior level
  • Dealing with new responsibilities following a recent change in role
  • Embracing new ways of working
  • Setting up as a freelancer or running own production company
  • Moving between public service and commercial culture
  • Returning to work after a career break or redundancy
  • Making a move into a different area of the industry
  • Handling challenging situations in the workplace

Over a 6 month programme, RAMP offers:

  • Mentoring - bespoke matching for each mentee with a mentor who is a leader in the audio industry, with a commitment of 6 mentoring sessions over 6 months. RAMP also provides mentee and mentor induction workshops, to ensure the most benefit can be gained on both sides.
  • Peer network - guided Action Learning Set sessions in smaller groups, with tools to build a peer network for mutual support.
  • Leadership training - new for 2024, RAMP will now provide leadership training and skills sessions. These will be delivered every month, online with accompanying materials.
  • Events - in person and online events which bring all mentees together.
  • Support - support and guidance from the RAMP Lead and Radio Academy team.

RAMP is available to you if you:

  • Work in any role in the professional radio or audio industry. For example: production, presentation, journalism, technology, craft, commercial and support roles.
  • Have more than five years’ professional experience in the industry.
  • Are able to attend a selection interview via Zoom in early December if shortlisted.
  • Can commit to receiving six hours of mentoring between February and July via face-to-face meetings, email, telephone or online conversations as agreed with mentor.
  • Can commit to attending the RAMP workshops and Action Learning Set sessions.
  • Can attend a one-day induction to be held in London w/c 5th February 2024.
  • Can attend a one-day debrief and graduation session to be held in London w/c 15th July 2024.

You do not have to be a Radio Academy Member to apply, but we will require you to become a member if you are selected.

Terms and conditions

  1. The closing date is Monday 4th December at 9amApplications received after that time will not be considered.
  2. If applicants have not been not contacted by Friday 15th December, this means they have not been shortlisted.
  3. Due to the high number of applications we receive it is not possible to give individual feedback on unsuccessful applications.
  4. Applicants must be UK residents.
  5. The scheme is not designed to provide counselling, or help on a specific project that is better suited to a consultancy.
  6. Applicants must be able to commit to all elements of the programme, including monthly one-to-one mentoring sessions, regular workshops and  Action Learning Set meetings. Most of the sessions will take place on Zoom and we also aim for all mentees to come together for an induction in February 2024, and for a graduation in mid-July 2024.
  7. Mentees will be introduced to mentors by the RAMP team after a thorough application and selection process designed to identify those who will most benefit from the scheme.
  8. Whilst every effort will be made to find a suitable mentor, there is no guarantee that short-listed applicants will be placed with a mentor, if no such suitable mentor can be found.
  9. Though the content of your mentoring sessions will be confidential, your involvement in RAMP will be made public and mentees may be asked to take part in reasonable marketing and publicity activity.
  10. As part of your application, applicants will be asked to provide a headshot for use on The Radio Academy website and related publicity.

Key Dates

  • Entries Open - 26 October 2023, 9am
  • Entries Close - 4th December 2023, 9am
  • Shortlisted applicants will hear by 13 December 2023
  • Interviews with shortlisted applicants will take place over w/c 8th January 2024
  • Induction - February 2024
  • Graduation - July 2024

Preparing your application

There are two parts to the application.

Part 1 is an online application form (applications are now closed).

In the form you will be asked to provide:

  • Your contact details
  • Your personal website or best social media account
  • Your current job
  • Number of years you've worked in radio/audio
  • Whether you are a member of The Radio Academy or not (you don't have to be to apply)
  • If you have received mentoring before, we ask for information about your  experiences and how you feel you would benefit from further mentoring
  • If you haven't received mentoring before, we ask what impact you feel it would have on your career and why you feel it's right for you
  • Your career story - 250 words to explain how you’ve got to this point in your career, obstacles you are currently facing, how you think this scheme can help you achieve what you’ve been unable to achieve on your own
  • Your personal career goals - short- medium and long term - 100 words each
  • How you would use the 6 hours of mentoring - 250 words
  • Your ideal mentor (with no guarantees we can get them!)

And you will need to upload your latest CV (as a PDF or Word Doc) and a Headshot.

If you have any questions about any of this, please email: ramp@radioacademy.org before applying.

Part 2 is an optional Diversity Monitoring form which helps us to understand who is applying for the scheme - this form is anonymous and won't be connected to your main application. It is optional, but we'd be really grateful if you would fill it in. In this form, we ask about:

  • Your gender
  • Your ethnicity
  • Your sexuality
  • If you consider yourself disabled
  • If you are a carer
  • Your religion
  • The nation or region you live in
  • What type of school you went to
  • Your parent(s)' qualifications
  • The occupation of the main income earner in your family when you were growing up
Enjoying the RAMP graudation
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