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We strongly recommend that applicants download and fill in this Word Document Template first, so that they can prepare their application offline before pasting it in.  The RAMP application process, just as the mentoring process itself, requires careful thought and we recommend you take your time to get it right.

Apply for RAMP

Applications for the Radio Academy Mentoring Programme are now closed. This information remains online for information only.

  1. The closing date is 1pm on Monday 10th October 2022. Applications received after that time will not be considered.
  2. If applicants have not been not contacted by 4th November 2022, this means they have not been shortlisted.
  3. Due to the high number of applications we receive it is not possible to give individual feedback on unsuccessful applications.
  4. Applicants must be UK residents.
  5. The scheme is not designed to provide counselling, or help on a specific project that is better suited to a consultancy.
  6. Applicants must be able to commit to all elements of the programme, including monthly one-to-one mentoring sessions, weekly seminars, and occasional Action Learning Set meetings, all carried out via Zoom.  We also aim for all mentees to come together for an induction in January 2023, and for a graduation in late June 2023.
  7. Mentees will be introduced to mentors by the RAMP Team after a thorough application and selection process designed to identify those who will most benefit from the scheme.
  8. Whilst every effort will be made to find a suitable mentor, there is no guarantee that short-listed applicants will be placed with a mentor, if no such suitable mentor can be found.
  9. Though the content of your mentoring sessions will be confidential, your involvement in RAMP will be made public and mentees will be expected to take part in reasonable marketing and publicity activity.
  10. Selected mentees will need to provide a headshot and 100 – 200-word bio for use on the Radio Academy website and related publicity. Mentor matching will only commence for each candidate once a photo/bio has been received.

Key Dates

  • Entries Open - 12 September 2022
  • Entries Close - 10 October 2022 at 1pm
  • Shortlisted applicants will hear by - 4 November 2022
  • Interviews will take place by - 21 November 2022
  • Induction - 11 January 2023
  • Graduation - 27 June 2023

Preparing your application

There are two parts to the application.

Part 1 is a Diversity Monitoring form which helps us to understand who is applying for the scheme - this form is anonymous and won't be connected to your main application.  It is optional, but we'd be really grateful if you would fill it in, as it will help us understand who is applying for the mentoring scheme.  This form will ask you:

  • Your gender
  • Your ethnicity
  • Your sexuality
  • If you consider yourself disabled
  • If you are a carer
  • Your religion
  • The nation or region you live in
  • What type of school you went to
  • Your parents qualifications
  • The income level in your household, growing up

Part 2 is the main application form.  All applications must be submitted using the website form, but as it does not have a Save For Later function, we have provided this Word Document template to help you prepare your application.  Please note, you cannot send us the word document - you have to copy and paste your information into the website form.  This form will ask you:

  • Your contact details
  • Your personal website or best social media account
  • Your current job
  • Number of years you've worked in radio/audio
  • Whether you are a member of The Radio Academy or not (you don't have to be to apply)
  • If you have received mentoring before, details about that, and why you feel you need more
  • Your career story - 1,000 characters to explain how you’ve got to this point in your career, obstacles you are currently facing, how you think this scheme can help you achieve what you’ve been unable to achieve on your own.
  • Your personal career goals - short, medium, and long term - 400 characters each
  • Your mentoring goals for this six month programme - 700 characters
  • Your ideal mentor (with no guarantees we can get them!)

And you will need to upload your latest CV (as a PDF or Word Doc).

If you have any questions about any of this, please email: ramp@radioacademy.org before applying.

Are you ready to apply?

Having read all of the information above, we advise you to prepare your application offline using the Word Document template, before accessing the form to copy and paste it in.  There is no Save Later function, so you will need to complete the form in one sitting.  If you think you're ready, press the button below, and good luck!