Logo for The Radio Academy Mentoring Programme supported by Broadcast Bionics

The Radio Academy Mentoring Programme

RAMP is for mid-career radio and audio professionals based in the UK, with a minimum of five years’ experience, who are ready to take a significant step in their career.

It is available to people working in all disciplines including production, presentation, journalism, technology, craft, commercial and support roles.

Mentoring is a personal and professional development partnership in which someone shares their experience and knowledge with someone who wants to grow and progress.  It is a two-way confidential partnership of learning, dialogue, development and challenge.

The scheme runs for six months, during which time mentees will receive six hours of mentoring contact with an experienced industry figure. In addition, mentees will benefit from being part of a supportive cohort, experience peer-to-peer feedback, and have access to seminars and networking events designed to boost confidence, enhance skills and provide ongoing support.

RAMP is supported by Broadcast Bionics

"Broadcast Bionics are pleased to support the Radio Academy Mentoring Programme. As developers of the industry standard products in audience engagement and communication for Radio and TV, and as a global leader in software development and hardware distribution, Bionics' unique relationship with the world’s leading broadcasters and suppliers enables us to innovate products and provide services which have transformed our industry. By helping to foster these mentoring relationships, Bionics hopes to help the industry continue to innovate and further assist in delivering some of the world’s most compelling broadcast content."

"Mentoring, quite frankly, makes the world go round, and I can't wait to connect with new people, and learn new things myself along the way"
- Rebecca Frank,
Content Director, KISS

"I cannot stress enough how important I think the mentoring system can be, and how we should all value it, both as mentor or mentee." - Mohit Bakaya, Controller, BBC Radio 4

"Mentoring can be the vital missing piece of the puzzle for so many talented young people as they navigate their career and try to define their full potential"
- Scott Taunton, CEO, Wireless

"Mentoring can really make the difference between believing you can get 'there' and not getting there, because there’s someone who believes in YOU when even YOU doubt your ability" - Lorna Clarke, Controller, BBC Popular Music