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The Radio Academy Mentoring Programme

RAMP is our mentoring scheme for mid-career radio and audio professionals based in the UK, with a minimum of five years’ experience and ready to take a significant step in their career.

It is available to people working in all disciplines including production, presentation, journalism, technology, craft, commercial and support roles.

Meet the 2024 cohort!

RAMP cohort 2024, montage of all 24

What is RAMP?

Mentoring is a personal and professional development partnership, which helps to build confidence for participants to take charge of and advance their own careers, in the short, mid and long terms. At a point when many people face barriers to progression in their professional careers, RAMP aims to open access to industry leaders, expertise and support, addressing personal challenges and advancing equity in the industry.

  • Get one-to-one mentoring with a senior leader in the industry.
  • Develop a close peer network, which will support you throughout your career.
  • Gain leadership skills at bespoke workshops and coaching sessions.

The scheme runs for six months, during which time mentees will receive six hours of mentoring contact with an experienced industry figure. In addition, mentees will benefit from being part of a supportive cohort, experience peer-to-peer feedback, and have access to seminars and networking events designed to boost confidence, enhance skills and provide ongoing support.​ Plus new for 2024, RAMP will also offer leadership training and skills development, facilitated by RAMP’s new Lead, Natasha Maw.

A former radio producer working across BBC and commercial radio, Natasha Maw is Programme Director of Leadership Development at Bayes Business School. She has run several mentoring schemes in media and academia, and feels grateful that throughout her career she has benefitted from wonderful mentors along the way.

Check out our webinar to hear from Natasha and meet some of our previous RAMP participants. There's also much more info on the programme and details on how to apply here.

Please note, you do not need to be a member at the time of applying to the scheme. However, if you are selected, we would expect you to become a member by the time RAMP starts.

RAMP is supported by Broadcast Bionics

"Broadcast Bionics are pleased to support the Radio Academy Mentoring Programme. As developers of the industry standard products in audience engagement and communication for Radio and TV, and as a global leader in software development and hardware distribution, Bionics' unique relationship with the world’s leading broadcasters and suppliers enables us to innovate products and provide services which have transformed our industry. By helping to foster these mentoring relationships, Bionics hopes to help the industry continue to innovate and further assist in delivering some of the world’s most compelling broadcast content."

There's lots more information here on the application process, terms and conditions and stages.

“I feel extremely proud to have been selected for the Radio Academy's Mentoring Programme 2023. Keen to develop further in programme management, I valued the expert insight, experience and advice my mentor shared with me. I also loved learning transferable skills, fresh perspectives, and new ideas from my fabulous mentee cohort.”
- RAMP 2023 Graduate

"If your career needs a turbo charged radio rocket booster to take it to the next level, your career needs RAMP!"
- RAMP 2022 Graduate

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is a chance to make a real difference to your life and career, but there's work involved. If you're prepared to put in the hours I can't recommend it highly enough" - RAMP 2022 Graduate

2024 RAMP kicks off

RAMP 2024 cohort get together to meet for the first time at our Radio Academy induction at Confetti, London.
RAMP 2024 cohort get together to meet for the first time at our Radio Academy induction at Confetti, London.
RAMP cohort 2024
The 2024 RAMP cohort pictured together.
Launch of RAMP at Confetti, London
Induction and kick-off of RAMP 2024.
Enjoying the launch at Confetti, London
Enjoying the RAMP launch at Confetti, London.