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Posted by Louise Davies on 11th October 2017


Last winter we conducted a Members Survey, to get some invaluable insight into what we were doing well with and areas we could improve.

You can see the full results on the website, we published them after last years AGM in December, but the long and short of it was;

  • The good stuff - Radio Festival, 30 under 30 and ARIAS
  • Do more of - Masterclasses, Networking Opportunities and more FREE events.

These insights gave us a clear steer on what we needed to focus on this year and beyond. I'm delighted that Radio Festival was really well received, with lots of new faces there this year, the Reelworld Radio Academy 30 under 30 had the highest number of entries ever and we've been able to build on their recognition with a moment on stage at this years ARIAS, and the ARIAS themselves had nearly double the number of entries as last year too.

We've been able to make the ARIAS FREE to attend for our Members and we also dramatically reduced the Entry Fees, making it a much more accessible industry awards than ever before.

I'm acutely aware that Radio Festival can be out of reach for some and so I wanted to try and create a series of informative and inspirational talks and masterclasses of the calibre you'd expect to see at Festival, but outside London, without stretching our very limited resource too far and without impacting on our Members bank accounts.

And wow, we've got some big hitters lined up to share their knowledge and passion with you, here's a taster of just a few;

  • Helen Boaden hosts a session with Siobhan Kenny, Phil Riley & Neelay Patel.
  • David Lloyd in conversation with Scott Mills
  • Dennie Morris in conversation with James Whale
  • Siobhan Kenny in conversation with Gillian Jones

For details on the various sessions and to book your place visit I hope you'll support Segue with your presence and I look forward to seeing you in Leeds next week.


Rog x

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