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Posted by Louise Davies on 30th May 2017
School's Out

School's Out

Back in 1980 & 81, three school friends and I had a rock band and we did a cover of the above track, subsequently, school holidays have always reminded me of this song. I was ‘lead singer,’ I say singer in its loosest term and we had high hopes of getting a gig at Hornsea Floral Hall, because the bassist’s brother was the manager there. But alas, we never achieved those dizzying heights. When a new guitarist joined, who wanted us to become more American rock, myself and the drummer left in disgust - at least that’s our story. Truth is, I was an awful singer/shouter and his Mum’s tupperware didn’t cut it as a drum kit!

Anyway, for those of you having a well earned break this week, enjoy, and to the rest, I hope you had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

Last week seemed a very long week and, after starting full of adrenaline and hope for Radio Festival, we had to pull the plug at 8am on the Tuesday morning due to the awful events in Manchester the previous night. The support for our decision from everyone was truly heartening and for me it was demonstrated best by Colin Murray who arrived as we made the call and couldn’t have been more helpful, getting on his social media etc to spread the word and standing outside to speak to delegates as they arrived to let them know. Top man, thanks Colin.

Subsequently, we’ve been working hard with our partners and sponsors [PRS for Music, PPL and RCS] to find a suitable new date to reschedule Radio Festival and as you maybe aware we announced late last week it will be Wednesday 21st June at the British Library. We wanted to find a date before the School summer holidays, if possible, and this one was the most suitable.

As I said at the time, tickets bought for last Tuesday are still valid and we’ll also be hosting the postponed launch of the Reelworld Radio Academy 30 under 30 for 2017 that evening [21st June] too. Anyone that can’t make the new date should email

I feel very privileged to be part of a medium that responded so wonderfully last week, I and many others have lauded the collective response and coverage of radio stations up and down the country and particularly in Manchester, but as ever it’s not radio per se, it’s the wonderful & talented people who choose to work in radio, that have delivered for their communities and audiences. Many of these people will have worked around the clock in very stressful situations, communicating very upsetting storylines and we should ensure we give all of them, our colleagues and friends, the support they’ll need at these challenging times.

Radio is a people business and the people of radio came together to deliver support, information and company to people in desperate need of all three and more - I salute you all!

Bank Holiday Monday illustrated just how much radio is a people business, when we learned of the very sad news that Simon ‘Nicksy’ Nicks had died. I didn’t know Simon personally, but the outpouring of grief and wonderful eulogies on social media were testament to a lovely and talented man. I have many good friends and colleagues who did know him well and they all said what a top bloke and passionate proponent of radio he was. Here he is at the ARIAS in October with colleagues from Hallam, fittingly clutching the winners trophy and if we all get to be remembered with such affection as Nicksy has been, then I’d say that’s what winning really is.

Rog x

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