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Posted by Louise on 13th February 2018
New For 2018 - The Radio Academy Mentoring Programme

New For 2018 - The Radio Academy Mentoring Programme

New for 2018
‘The Radio Academy Mentoring Programme’
A message from The Radio Academy’s Chair & Deputy

Chris Burns & Steve Parkinson

Dear All
When Steve and I took over as Chair and Deputy Chair one of the things we said we wanted to see was for the Radio Academy to be a one stop shop for anyone who wanted to enter the industry. We also wanted to give everyone a chance to achieve their full potential and so today we are launching our new Mentoring programme. 
We have fifteen great mentors for fifteen members of the Academy. Our mentors are established professionals from  all areas of the sector. All you have to do to qualify is firstly be a full member of the Academy and then write to us saying in no more than five hundred words what your goal is and what you want from your mentor. We will then match you to a mentor who can help you with your goal and they will give you six mentoring sessions. It’s down to you and your mentor to choose the frequency with which the sessions occur.
Mentoring is a great way to learn from people who work in the same area as you. They also offer you a safe space to test out ideas. I have had some brilliant mentors in my career, it’s enabled me to rehearse things I wanted to pitch to my boss and cope with disappointments. I have learnt so much from them sharing their experiences with me.
So don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today, contact the Academy by emailing  All applications need to be with us by Friday 9th March 2018.
We are lucky to have some great supporters and this will be a rolling programme, so there will be other chances to apply.
We both hope that this new programme from the Radio Academy may be one thing on your “to do list” you do want to do today.
Chris and Steve
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