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Posted by Louise Davies on 27th June 2017
HOT STUFF! #RadFest17

HOT STUFF! #RadFest17

The Radio Academy exists to promote and celebrate the audio and radio sector in the UK and share knowledge, experience and skills to help all of those lucky enough to be involved in it and those aspiring to be in it, to improve their own knowledge, skill-sets and opportunities.

We facilitate this grand ideal by bringing together old and new, the young and young at heart, professional and amateur, broadcast and podcast, public service and commercial, student and community, hospital and prison, essentially all of us with a passion for recognising how great our sector is today and exploring new ways to make it even better tomorrow.

Our events are the physical embodiment of this and Radio Festival last Wednesday, on the hottest day of the year so far, and the subsequent launch of the Reelworld Radio Academy 30 under 30 in the evening, was a fantastic example of this.

Radio Festival is not a conference any more than it’s not, not a conference - Radio Festival is, and the collage above sums up this years diverse, inclusive, informative and entertaining occasion better than my limited vocabulary ever could.

We had it all this year - form radio Virgin’s to Pornographic Papa’s, Instagram to VR, Penn & Teller to Parsons, Kay to Keaveny, News-lines to Ad-lines, Podcasts to Prostitution, Skippable Apps to Missing Out, On Air to Online, Fellows to free Food & Drink, the DG to Dance-floor moves and all bound together by the irrepressible Colin Murray - Wow, what a day!

My heartfelt thanks to the organising group, the team on the day, our sponsors PRS for Music, PPL, RCS and Reelworld, the speakers, contributors and producers and most of all to each and everyone of you that came along to make Radio Festival 2017 such a special day.

We barely have time to draw breath as the Reelworld Radio Academy 30 under 30 is now open for entries, as too are the Audio & Radio Industry Awards [ARIAS] for this year.

Have a wonderful Summer, get your entries in and I look forward to seeing you all again in Leeds on October 19th.

Rog x

PS. Did I mention that entries to the Reelworld Radio Academy 30 under 30 and tickets to the ARIAS are FREE for members!

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