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Posted by Louise on 23rd July 2018
EXTRA Ordinary

EXTRA Ordinary



It’s been a while since I last penned a few words, after a very busy time with #RADFEST18, #MentalHealthMinute, Radio Audio Week and launching the Young ARIAS, more of which later, we’ve also opened and closed our search for the Reelworld Radio Academy 30 under 30 and opened for entries to #UKARIAS18.


Oh and we’re enjoying the best Summer for 40 plus years and the England Mens Football Team have put a smile on many people’s faces.


This feel good Summer and feel good FIFA World Cup has uplifted ordinary people [for the most part] from the divisions of Brexit and that fella with the dodgy hair, it has been a blessed relief and I for one have been very grateful for it


Whilst Governments have been slapping each other with insults, trade wars, poisonings and scare mongering, the ordinary folk of Russia have welcomed the world with open arms and generosity of spirit, the extraordinary folk of the NHS have continued working wonders in its 70th year [Get Well Soon, Richard]




and the world held its breath, as a story of ordinary people from all over the world came together in a remote town in northern Thailand with one mission: to save 12 young boys and their coach.


I’ve never understood isolationism, but the world has seemed to be heading toward greater division and isolation geo-politically and in industry too.


At The Radio Academy we’ve been working tirelessly on trying to bring radio and audio people together for the benefit of all, working collaboratively, ordinary people proving the maxim - “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.


We’ve had some extraordinary collaborations this year, particularly with our friends at Radiocentre and they have been a privilege to be a part of:


#MentalHealthMinute - the very first coordinated cross industry message ever!


Radio Audio Week - a first, small, but significant step towards creating something to rival The Television Festival.


Young ARIAS - an initiative to engage with and celebrate Under 18’s, who are producing some amazing content.


For me, all radio is ‘community’ radio, as it is with Podcasts and Audio Books, they’re communities of interests, taste, lifestyle, location and circumstances etc indeed the online platform Mixcloud describes itself as a community in its own right too. 


The Radio Academy is THE community of extraordinary radio & audio people, we are inclusive, diverse, collaborative and mutually supportive. 


Spread the word #GarethSouthgateWould


Rog x



PS. The closing date[s] for ARIAS 2018 are approaching quickly, the early bird entry fee of only £25 plus vat for members closes on Monday 30th July, and the standard £35 plus vat entry fee closes on Monday 6th August.

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