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Posted by Sean Childerley on 25th March 2019

Calling All 30 Under 30 Alumni

For the first time, The Radio Academy is offering our brilliant 30 Under 30 alumni the opportunity to produce a main stage session at the Radio Festival 2019 on May 13th at the British Library to a packed room of industry professionals.

30 Under 30 celebrates the best young talent in the audio and radio industry, and whilst we've launched it at the Festival in different ways, it's never been produced by the people who are part of 30 Under 30, current or alumni.

Working with newly appointed Radio Academy Trustee, Radio 1 producer and previous 30 Under 30 winner Grace Hopper, we would like to invite you, our previous winners to lead on this year's launch. 

So, what do you need to do? 

Following the brief below please submit your idea and contact information by email, no later than 6pm on Friday 5th April to



Email address:

Mobile phone number:

Year inducted into 30 Under 30:


·        Your idea in a paragraph - what is it and what makes it different? 

·        How long is the session? i.e one session or a different idea?

·        Give us a bit of a running order, how would it start, what's the content?

·        Who are the guests?

·        How will you bring it to life on stage, what's the treatment? 

·        What's the social strategy?

·        Now, here's our top tip!  Avoid Powerpoint - hey, you're much smarter than that!

And, here's the important small print: please note that all ideas will be judged by a selection of those on the Festival organising committee, overseen by Grace Hopper.  If your idea is the winning idea, you will be responsible for producing and managing the session on the day.  You would therefore need to be available on Sunday 12th May and Monday 13th May for the rehearsal day and also the session itself. 

Finally, please note that the day is run and funded almost entirely by volunteers, however we would make available a budget of £250 to go towards making your session become a reality.

Please remember final submissions need to reach us no later than 6pm on Friday 5th April.  If successful you will be contacted no later than Friday 19th April.

What are you waiting for? 

Good luck.

Nick Pitts
Festival Director, Radio Festival 2019

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