The Radio Academy Festival 2019

13 May 2019: The New Age of Audio

"Before we’d even stopped saying “Happy New Year” to colleagues, we’d already had an inkling as to what a special year this one would be for our beloved industry. The early dawn of 2019 saw much announcement of change and progression to a new frontier for radio and audio platforms, let alone what came next in the following few months! For the first time in a long time, it was less about technology and more about the talented people within who produce millions of hours a week of compelling audio content. Today is about taking 2019 head on and asking “(is this) The New Age of Audio?"

"To help us we have a who’s who of people and characters who either sit at the centre of this new exciting world or have been whisked away by new prosperity and opportunity. We really do have something for everyone from the superstars in front of and behind our speakers, the decision makers and influencers, and those who can help us make even better decisions and content for this, the new age of audio."

- Nick Pitts, Creative Director of The Radio Festival 2019