Meet the Agents

Part of the Radio Academy Presents

1 Dec 2021 1:00 pm

They’re usually busy behind the scenes representing artists and working with commissioners - they’re not often in the spotlight. This event is your chance to hear about what agents do, who they work with and how you get to be one.

They’ll discuss how you get an agent, what they’re looking for and what to expect if you get signed. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask your own questions too in the Q&A.

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Mary Mandefield (our host). Mary is a presenter, speaker & creative producer living in London. An advocate for finding power in your voice, using your platform for good and making a change in your own way, Mary has worked on content for NHS, L’Oreal, Oxfam, the British Science Festival and more. She currently hosts the talk show Bringing it Black on Westside Radio.

Ray Paul - Creative Director, The Playmaker Group.  Ray's career has seen him work for the BBC for over 20 years before founding his company, The Playmaker Group. While at the BBC, Ray worked for a number of radio stations, most notably running BBC London from 1997-2001. Winning numerous awards and pioneering many special projects and events, Ray Paul’s name has taken on legendary status within broadcasting and black music circles. In 2010 he founded The Playmaker Group – a uniquely creative company that oversees a host of key areas in music and entertainment under one umbrella. These areas include Media and Content Production, Event Production & Management, Tour Management and Creative Consultancy.

Sophieclaire Armitage - Senior Agent, Noel Gay. Sophieclaire is an agent who hates public speaking but luckily looks after a list of fabulous clients who all excel in it. These clients are multi discipline and range from presenters, journalists, comedians and writers. A senior agent at Noel Gay she passionately nurtures her clients, using creative strategy and long-standing industry relationships to help them navigate the ever-evolving media landscape, and forge careers with consistency and longevity. This includes work across TV and Radio as well as helping clients develop ideas, IP and projects away from the traditional forms of media.  Passionate about podcasts and Radio, Sophieclaire has clients broadcasting across the airways both BBC and commercials stations as well as helping them create innovative podcasts that cater to a broad range of fans.

Chris North - Founder and Talent Manager, North Media Talent.  With 21 years experience of Talent Management and artist representation, Chris is the founder of North Media Talent and as Agent and Manager consults on media projects while continuing to discover and mentor fresh talent. He represents a combination of new and established presenters. Prior to this he worked at WiseBuddah for 12 years leaving as its Director of Talent. He is the founding father and Head Judge of the annual DemoFactor competition at the Student Radio Conference, now in its 13th year.