Chelmsford Marconi History Walk

29 Apr 2023 2:00 pm

The Radio Academy invites you to take a step back in time, to learn the history of the birthplace of radio as we know it.

Join us for a special walking tour of Chelmsford, taking in the location of the world’s first purpose built wireless factory.

On our visit we will see evidence of the Marconi heydays, which include three historical structures; the Power House, the Water Tower and the magnificent 1912 Administration Building.

This factory was where the technical transition from Morse Code to wireless telephony took place, but that was just the start. The site was then adapted to develop the technology that became radar and soon after came the leap into the electronic transmission of moving pictures, the innovation which we know now as television.

This special walking tour is not only a celebration of Guglielmo Marconi and his great achievements but also a tribute to the thousands of local people, who over the years, worked for the global organisation that was the Marconi Company.

The tour will be led by noted local historian Alan Pamphilon, and will start at 2pm at Chelmsford Train Station.  It will take one hour, finishing back at the station, followed by a gathering for a pint in a local pub.

Book your place now - it costs just £6 per person - and join us to find out where it all began.

Marconi Water Tower
1912 Admin Building
Marconi Mural
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