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Visual Producer

Also Known As: Video Producer / Multimedia Producer
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What Do They Do?

Visual Producers are specifically tasked with creating video content that takes radio and serves it to a visual audience, whether on social media, web streaming or on TV.  As we increasingly live in a more screen-oriented world it's vital that radio exists in these places.

A Visual Producer’s role is to craft visual content that fits within the station’s branding, strategy and editorial ambitions.  This could be capturing studio-based interviews, features, or live music performances or broadcasting live events to visual platforms - as well radio.  They will keep across best practice, and work with partners to share, monetise (in commercial radio) or otherwise enhance content.

A Visual Producer’s role changes project by project but usually follows the same pattern:

  1. Pre-production (developing ideas, planning, establishing specs for shoots)
  2. Production (managing shoots and production itself)
  3. Post-Production (editing, supplying deliverables and social/promotional content)

Unlike in television production, Visual Producers in radio often work alone or in very small teams, and are generally multi-skilled producers who will shoot, edit and publish their own work.

Who Do They Work With?

  • A Visual Producer will work very closely with radio production so that they can bring their audio ideas to live visually.
  • They also work very closely with on air talent, making sure they are represented on-camera as their best selves.
  • And they also work with various brand and/or network stakeholders to make sure they're happy that the visual team are delivering content that serves their objectives.

What Skills Do I Need?

  • Ultimately, Visual Producers need creativity, passion, and ideas. Most other things can be taught.
  • Visual Producers are able to prioritise, problem solve and remain calm under pressure.
  • Visual Producers are able to adapt to different broadcast environments and work flexibly as part of a team that changes daily.
  • Visual Producers need to be technically confident with video recording and editing software.
  • Visual Producers have the ability to multi-task and are able to manage numerous stakeholders.
  • It’s helpful if Visual Producers understand the visual production process from social/small screen content to bigger productions.
  • Visual Producers are flexible and willing to work long and sometimes anti-social hours, often working alone.

How Do I Get This Job?

There aren’t any specific qualifications required, but experience is essential.  Some Producers will have attained a media production degree but many will have gone straight from school or college into the world of broadcasting. Many will be radio producers that have retrained in visual production - like many things in media, there are many weird and wonderful ways into the industry.

The expectation will be that you have been creating video for several years in a freelance or voluntary capacity, and will be across emerging visual styles and platforms.