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Social Media Producer

Also Known As: Social Media Manager
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What Do They Do?

Social Media Producers are specifically tasked with creating content for a radio station’s social channels.  Their role is to craft and target content that fits within the station’s branding, strategy and editorial ambitions.  They will keep across best practice, and work with partners to share, monetise (in commercial radio) or otherwise enhance content.

A Social Media Producer’s daily tasks might involve:

  • Writing social media content
  • Holding ideas sessions for upcoming projects,
  • Sharing weekly and monthly stats reports,
  • Talking to platform partners around innovation and monetisation,
  • Feeding into strategy conversations, both on a brand and a business level…
  • And of course, a lot of time reading, learning and scrolling!

Who Do They Work With?

  • A Social Media Producer will work with programming and sales teams to ensure that the right content is being shared at the right time.
  • Depending on the network, a Social Media Producer may report to a Social Media Manager, or to a Head of Digital or Head of Marketing

What Skills Do I Need?

  • Social Media Producers need to be confident communicators with strong writing skills, as they write social posts that could be seen by thousands of people.
  • Social Media Producers absorb information quickly and understand how to turn that information into something people can connect with.
  • Social Media Producers need to be technically confident with the various social platforms and must keep themselves across all platform updates and changes as you will be forever trying to understand and work the various algorithms.
  • Social Media Producers have the ability to multi-task and are able to manage numerous stakeholders.
  • Social Media Producers must have an understanding of analytics and be confident with numbers - there’s more maths involved in social than you would expect.
  • Social Media Producers have an open and inquisitive mind, and the drive to want to do the next thing bigger and better.

How Do I Get This Job?

There aren’t any specific qualifications required, but experience is essential.  Working both in-house and for agencies will be to your advantage, as will having experience of both organic and paid social.

You also have to be a bit social obsessed, with a keen eye for trends. You should definitely have extensive experience of looking after brands social media, ideally talking to different audiences.