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Station Sound

Imaging Producer

Also known as: Station Sound Producer, Creative Producer
Career Level: Mid-level


What Do They Do?

Station Sound Producers write, record and produce bespoke audio for radio stations.  Their work is to reflect the brand of a station in audio form, helping to position the identity of the station in the minds of its listeners.  If what you're hearing on the radio isn't a song or someone talking, then it’s probably made by a Station Sound Producer.

They create most of the bespoke short-form audio you’ll hear on-air, such as sonic logos, idents, music beds, trails, adverts and promos – but also any bigger crafted station moments, such as a station launch package or live event opener.

A Station Sound Producer’s daily tasks may include:

  • Coming up with ideas for, and then scripting short-form audio including idents, promos, trails and sometimes adverts (if it’s a commercial station)
  • Working with presenters, voiceover artists, vocalists and musicians to record scripts, vocals and music
  • Using editing software such as ProTools, Ableton, Reaper or Audition to build the finished audio project
  • Uploading audio into the playout system, tagging it correctly and scheduling it to appear at the correct moment
  • Liaising with the relevant teams or producers about current or forthcoming projects

Who Do They Work With?

  • A Station Sound Producer will interact with any team that has reason to get bespoke audio to air: that could mean a programming request from show team for new feature idents or bed music, or a marketing team request for a trail for a forthcoming event.

What Skills Do I Need?

  • Station Sound Producers are deeply creative and full of ideas
  • Station Sound Producers are able to write for radio and produce concise, informative scripts.
  • Station Sound Producers are passionate about radio and often specialize in the music/speech genre they’re working in.
  • Station Sound Producers are extremely adept with audio editing systems,
  • Station Sound Producers have an ear for what sounds right for their station's brand and have astute editorial skills.
  • Station Sound Producers need strong interpersonal skills as they will work and collaborate with other producers, presenters, voice over artists and guests.

How Do I Get This Job?

There are no specific qualifications needed for this role, but a passion for radio and a deep knowledge of the music/speech genre of radio you wish to work in is a must.  Musical production experience is helpful.

Mac experience and a knowledge of audio editing systems is highly desirable, there are audio editing courses you can take to learn editing packages such as Pro Tools, Ableton, Reaper or Audition, and some radio stations do offer training.

Many Station Sound Producers will have started in community, hospital or student radio, and most will have done an internship or work experience on the job.