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Digital Producer

Also Known As: Content Producer, Website Producer
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What Do They Do?

Digital Producers are specifically tasked with maximising the digital impact of a radio station – whether that’s keeping the online schedule updated, making sure images and presenter photos stand out, securing web promo for big moments, and supersizing these moments with articles and editorial.

Digital Producers must craft and target content that fits within the station’s branding, strategy and editorial ambitions.  They will keep across best practice, and work with partners to share, monetise (in commercial radio) or otherwise enhance content.  It’s then their job to dig into the stats, see what’s worked/hasn’t worked and report back to producers, editors and the head of station.

A Digital Producer’s daily tasks might involve:

  • Making sure radio shows are available on-demand – this sometimes involves basic editing, to make sure the show has a neat start and end.
  • Using Photoshop or other content creation software to create show images and designing promo images.
  • Identifying key upcoming shows and trying to secure promo for them, as well as collaborating with marketing and social teams on priorities.
  • Writing and building article pages about specific projects, initiatives or (in commercial radio) branded partnerships.
  • Checking on live listening / on-demand listening stats and sharing that information with relevant teams.

Who Do They Work With?

  • A Digital Producer will work with programming teams, commissioners and editors – and sales teams if it’s commercial radio - to ensure that the right content is being shared at the right time.
  • When a big radio priority comes along, a Digital Producer may work alongside social and marketing to maximise impact.
  • Depending on the network, a Digital Producer may report to a Digital Editor, Head of Digital or Head of Station

What Skills Do I Need?

  • Digital Producers must be able to to multi-task, prioritise and project manage - radio schedules are often vast, with stuff happening 24/7, so it’s important to be able to identity which shows / features / special guests are going to help and when.
  • Digital Producers need to be technically confident with programmes such as Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator and Premiere Pro, as there’s plenty of collaboration with social. Saying that, there is often training available on these platforms for anyone who wants to brush up on knowledge. It’s also useful to have experience working with a CMS, editing audio – and a passion for radio is a must.
  • Digital Producers need to be confident communicators with strong writing skills – you don’t need to be a trained journalist, but you need to be able to write snappy show descriptions, and to be able to sell what’s so exciting about an upcoming show in a couple of sentences.
  • Digital Producers are digitally savvy and fast learners, as their role will continually change with every technological advancement.

How Do I Get This Job?

There aren’t any specific qualifications required, but you’ll need to display strong organisational skills, strong knowledge of tech, and the ability to project manage and work effectively with other teams.