Your guide to getting in and getting on in UK radio and audio

Finding a Job

The main broadcast groups will usually advertise available roles on their websites. You'll also find many of these websites offering advice, suggestions for training, work experience programmes and volunteering:

There are also many third-party websites where jobs are advertised. Many of the smaller independent broadcasters, community radio stations, online stations, independent production companies, or overseas broadcasters will advertise in this way:

Apprenticeships and In-House Training

Many of the big broadcast groups have training and apprenticeship schemes, many of which are tailored towards people that don't have undergraduate qualifications, or that come from particular backgrounds. This information was correct at time of publication (Aug 2021):

Bauer Media

  • Finding Talent schemes - Bauer Academy runs a  range of development programmes including Women in Programming evening classes and the KISS Summer School.
  • Opportunities for Apprenticeships and the Kickstart scheme can be found advertised on the Bauer Careers website.



  • BBC - Kick Start Your Career - details about talent schemes in Journalism, Production, Technology and Business.  These include various BBC Apprenticeship programmes, and the Production Trainee scheme.
  • BBC Work Experience - the Beeb run a formal company-wide process for work experience placements.

General information

Free Training and Advice

  • Radiocentre (Audio Masterclass) - Radiocentre is the industry body for commercial radio. They work on behalf of more than 50 stakeholders and represent over 90% of commercial radio in terms of listening and revenue. Radiocentre also works closely with partners from across the radio industry in order to promote a thriving UK audio sector.
  • Audiotrain - Audiotrain is the skills, training and mentorship arm of AudioUK, the trade body for independent audio production companies in the UK.
  • The Pips - if you want to be a presenter, The Pips has loads of free online advice from structuring your demo, building your programme, reading the news, or working behind the scenes. They also offer affordable training courses in-person or online.
  • Amplifi (formerly GoThinkBig) - supporting you gain experience, and find opportunities and inspiration. Support articles including CV and Interview advice, and a series of event.
  • Uprising - a range of leadership, mentoring, and employability programmes including Stand Out, Fastlaners and the Environmental Leadership Programme.