Radio Festival Tickets

Buy tickets to Radio Festival 2016 here, it couldn't be easier.

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Non-Member Ticket: £230 + VAT
Member Ticket: £180 + VAT

For Members

If you are a member of The Radio Academy, please go through the payment process using the email address that you used when you registered to become a member. Initially it will look like you are buying a full price ticket, but once the system recognises a member's email address, the £50 discount will be applied and the new, discounted price will be displayed before the final stage of payment.

If a membership rate is never displayed, please contact [email protected] before buying a full price ticket, to avoid being owed a refund. We will happily and quickly resolve any membership issues to make sure you can bag the bargain you deserve!

For Non-Members

Membership to The Radio Academy for a year only costs £36. Why not become a paying member and still save £14 on your Radio Festival ticket, as well receiving even more benefits for the next 12 months? Become a member by clicking here!

Patron Members

If you are with a patron company (click here to check), you qualify for free membership. But a quick reminder, you do need to register from your work email address for individual membership and then you can get the members price tickets.


To pay via invoice rather than card, please email [email protected] to place an order.

Ticket Holder Details

Whether you're a member or not, paying by card or invoice, everyone attending the Radio Festival needs to send the name, company and position of each person you are buying a ticket for to [email protected] after purchase. We will give you personalised lanyards on the day displaying this information to help you mingle - aren't we kind?!

Ticketholder Details



Ticket £230.00
VAT: £46.00
TOTAL: £276.00