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Order a replica ARIAS Trophy

Each ARIAS Gold winner gets to take home the stunning (and really quite heavy) ARIAS trophy, but we know that people often want to order replica trophies for other team members.  Using the form below, you can order a Gold, Silver, or Bronze trophy for any ARIAS winner.

The cost per trophy is £299 inclusive of VAT and delivery within the UK. To achieve that price we need to ensure we get at least 20 orders (we'll refund you if we don't reach that).  Orders will be taken up to 16 June 2023, and after that the delivery time is about 6-8 weeks.

Please be clear in the order form to specify which award you want - help us by being as specific as possible, saying category name, winner name, and whether it's bronze, silver or gold. You can also take the opportunity to order trophies for previous years, if you wish.

Please note - some people have reported problems with submitting this form, if you are not logged in as a Radio Academy member. We apologise, and are looking into why this might be. If your payment won't go through, please try logging in first.

Order Form

  • Price: £ 299.00
    The awards cost £299 each, inclusive of VAT and delivery
  • We'll get in touch to confirm the details
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