About Us

About The Radio Academy

The Radio Academy is the UK audio and radio industry charity, established in 1983. We are dedicated to the promotion of excellence in UK audio and radio.

We aim to bring together people from across the audio sector, advancing equity and breaking down barriers to open opportunities for connection, development and celebration. We welcome members from all areas of audio, including broadcasting, podcasting, streaming, production, news, technology, sales and academia.

We present a calendar of national, regional and online events for our members, which include the annual Radio Academy Festival and regular networking events or talks. We run three major UK audio award and recognition schemes, celebrating achievements at all levels: the highly-acclaimed Radio Academy ARIAS, our 30 Under 30 list and the Young Audio Awards for young people aged 8-18. We offer skills and career development opportunities at different career stages, including our mid-career mentoring programme RAMP and regional Foot In The Door training workshops, as well as further resources such as our weekly podcast, careers advice and learning hub.

We are funded through membership from individual members and patron companies who buy membership for their staff. We are supported by generous sponsors, donations, and through ticket sales and entry fees.

Support our work

Want to support your industry charity? You can donate here, and also register for gift aid if you are a UK tax payer.

Our registered charity number is 293825. We are governed by a board of Trustees, elected by our Members.


  • Celebration: celebrate achievements of people in audio and radio, and excellent audio.
  • Community: build and nourish our audio and radio community.
  • Development: open access to skills and career development.
  • Promotion: highlight the impact and importance of audio in society.

Our Values

CELEBRATE - We believe in celebrating the power of sound and the promotion of excellence in the UK's radio and audio industry.

UNITE - We believe in building an inclusive community which represents everyone working in UK radio and audio, and is a safe place for people from all backgrounds.

DEBATE - We believe that respectful discussion and debate is how we learn and drive change. We believe in open enquiry, rigorous journalism, freedom of expression and diversity of thought.

DEVELOP - We believe in sharing our skills, knowledge and passion to strengthen and support our industry and nurture future talent.


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