We love to keep in touch with the careers of our 30 Under 30 alumni, and find out what they've done since they were included in the list.  Here are a few brief testimonials from people recognised by the scheme, with some details of what they've gone on to next.

sera baker

"When I saw my name pop up on the Twitter feed I felt a wave of excitement and shock - it was unbelievable to be recognised in that way. As time’s gone on, I’ve definitely recognised the benefits of being part of the ReelWorld Radio Academy 30 Under 30 - it’s a great credit to have when working with new and familiar industry colleagues; it validates your passion and skillset in a soundbite"
- Sera Baker, Class of 2020 - now Producer at TBI Media (2021)

emma louise 400

"It was really special to be named on the Radio Academy’s 30 Under 30 list! When you work behind the scenes in something as creative as radio it can feel like a lot of your work goes unnoticed (or only gets noticed when something goes wrong). So to be celebrated by other experts in the industry meant a lot!"
- Emma Louise-Amanshia, Class of 2019 - now Producer at BBC Radio 1 (2021)

nicole logan approved

"I was thrilled to be selected as a Radio Academy 30 under 30, as someone who took an unusual route into the industry and ended up in management early in my career, I struggled with self doubt, so receiving this accolade bolstered my confidence and belief. It also encouraged me to continue to make inroads not only for myself but in order to support others making their way in audio."
- Nicole Logan, Class of 2019 - now Development Executive at Reduced Listening (2021)

will wilkin approved 400

"Being part of the 30 Under 30 has definitely shaped what I do today. Through it I met future collaborators, pitched big ideas to future bosses and it showed me the creative bar being set by the rapid evolution of what audio means to our audiences. When you see your name alongside some of audio’s most notable and talented under 30s it’s a mad feeling, one you never thought would come but an experience that creates so much opportunity. Everyone in audio has made a difference to people’s lives in the last year, if you’re even half thinking about applying then do it, back yourself – you may not realise how good you are at what you do"
- Will Wilkin, Class of 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 - now Commissioning Executive for BBC Popular Music (2021)

masterman 400

"Being nominated for the Radio Academy 30 Under 30 Award was a huge deal for me. Getting that recognition so early in my career was a real confidence boost for a young wide-eyed radio producer like myself, and acted as a catalyst for me to push on in an industry that I loved being a part of. Nine years after being included in the shortlist, it's an accolade I'm still very proud of, and would urge any young audio creative to make sure they're in the running. "
- Dave Masterman, Class of 2012 - now Head of Content at Audio Always Ltd (2021)

heather davies

"Being chosen as one of the first 30 Under 30 back in 2011 was such a massive honour.  Seeing my name alongside some of the most creative, inspiring and talented people in the industry felt amazing, and definitely opened a lot of doors for me.  Later that year, I produced my first documentary for BBC Radio 2 and got my first review in The Guardian, which specifically mentioned the award.  I'm so grateful to The Radio Academy for running this brilliant scheme and continue to be amazed by the talent that comes through each and every year."
- Heather Davies, Class of 2011 and 2012 - now Freelance Audio Producer (2021)

Jimmy Buckland

"Wow time flies! I still remember what an honour it was to be recognised in the Radio Academy 30 under 30 list, ten years ago. New voices and fresh ideas are the lifeblood of the radio and audio industries - and it's so valuable to have the 30 under 30 scheme to encourage, motivate and showcase breakout talent. "
- Jimmy Buckland, Class of 2011 - now Director of Strategy for Wireless and MD of Wireless Studios (2021)

jenny nelson

"I was really chuffed to be selected as one of the first 30 Under 30 in 2011. Receiving recognition from the industry at that point in my career really motivated me to keep going and pursue my ambitions - and it was also great fun to meet the rest of the 30 Under 30 crew and to find out about their career journey."
- Jenny Nelson, Class of 2011 - now Programme Manager, Scala Radio (2021)