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30 Under 30

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter?

Any individual who has been working in the UK radio or UK based audio business for 12 months and will be under 30 on the date that we announce the winners.

Do I nominate myself?

Of course - you can put yourself forward! Just make sure that you are a member of the Radio Academy first.

Can I nominate someone else?

Yes, you can nominate someone else or ask someone to nominate you - there are two very simple entry forms - just pick the one that's right for you.

Do I - and the person I am nominating - need to be a member?

Yes, both of you need to be members. Send them the link so they can join here and then nominate away! Please contact if you have any questions about nominations and membership.

What do you mean by 'UK radio'?

Any OFCOM (or similarly regulated) licensed radio station (BBC, Commercial, Student, Community, Hospital), BBC production units, independent production companies, advertising agencies, BFBS, Prison Radio Association, Sound Women, Hospital Radio, Student Radio etc.

What do you mean by 'UK audio business'?

Any business which, in the main, makes audio content for UK radio.

Can I still enter If I'm a volunteer, work unpaid or am freelance?

The simple answer is yes! We only ask that you give us the name and contact details of your station manager/line manager (or equivalent) so we can verify what you've told us.

What do I do next?

When entries for each year open, simply fill in the correct form, upload the necessary documents and then sit tight and keep your fingers crossed - we'll be in touch with more information!

Can I still enter if I've been included in a previous year's final 30?

Absolutely - as long as you still meet all the entry criteria: within the stated age guidelines, still working in radio/audio, etc. The main difference that you should highlight this time is what you've done since you made the 30 last time. If it was last year, tell us what you've done in the last 12 months to merit being one of the 30 for a second time.

Entries are not being taken currently - date to be confirmed

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