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30 Under 30

Proudly sponsored by ReelWorld, 30 Under 30 is Radio Academy's annual search for thirty of the brightest young talents across the Radio and Audio industry.

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What is 30 Under 30?

Anthony Gay


Anthony Gay
European Managing Director,
ReelWorld Productions

This is the fifth year that ReelWorld have supported the 30 Under 30 initiative and our optimism about the audio industry's future continues to grow.

From our own perspective it’s refreshing to see the renewed emphasis placed on the sound of the brand and how 'imaging guys’ are being given more responsibility to shape the strategy of radio stations. But our passion and enthusiasm for radio extends beyond our audio branding and it's a huge honour to acknowledge all those talented individuals that make the list.

When we got involved with the initiative in 2013 we felt young, talented, creative people with something to say didn’t see radio as something to aspire to. We wanted to pay it forward, give people a lift, and shine a positive spotlight on their work. Whatever sector they worked in.

The 30 Under 30 gives young people in the industry a credible way to get recognition for their achievements. It means something to them and to potential future employers. I don’t think it’s a co-incidence that so many of the alumni are now leading figures in the radio and audio industry.

I'm excited to see what 'stand out' talents, perspectives, and creativity the class of 2018 will bring to the game. People are the asset that will help radio continue to be relevant and I am already looking forward to seeing this year's entries and being genuinely inspired about the future.



Closed for 2018.

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