We’re thrilled to announce that the ARIAS will take place at the iconic London Palladium on 4th March 2020.

Nominations will be announce on January 15th, which is when tickets will also go on sale.

Find out more, and meet the first of the ARIAS Sponsors for 2020.

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The Radio Academy is the UK radio and audio industry charity, established in 1983. We are dedicated to the celebration and promotion of excellence in radio and audio.

We aim to bring together creative people from across the sector, breaking down barriers to provide opportunities for debate, networking, and celebration.  We welcome members from all areas of audio, including broadcasting, podcasting, streaming, production and academia. We aim to have an extensive calendar of national and regional events, accessible to all – the highlights of our year are the ARIAs, The Radio Festival, and 30 Under 30. We are supported in our endeavours by individual memberships and corporate patronage.

Member Testimonials

The Radio Academy is an iconic body in the world of broadcasting, not just radio. It is a huge influence on the industry, inspiring and supporting the next generation and recognising those that have contributed their lives and passion towards creating the best in radio programming.

Charlotte Thompson

My first experience of the Radio Academy was being invited to attend the ARIAS. It was a chance to see all the major players of the industry gathered in one place, and we felt a sense of community that reflected the Academy’s rich membership base.

Nelson Autefault

The Radio Academy is great at supporting people, through it, I’ve found countless opportunities to network and meet new contacts that has led to work.

George McDonagh

The Radio Academy help to motivate, educate and entertain anyone who works in radio from hospital radio to BBC radio. In addition, the Radio Academy forms a community and a social group as it helps network with presenters and producers from all different radio backgrounds. I love The Radio Academy

Johnny Seifert

Thank you Radio Academy for letting me learn more radio skills. Having opportunities to communicate with radio experts. Go Radio Academy!

Yiyao Zhang

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