Commercial Radio

Most commercial stations serve a local or regional area and are owned by one of three groups - Global, Bauer and UTV - which dominate the sector. There are over 300 in the UK, mostly using FM frequencies and DAB.

  • There is a full list of UK commercial stations and their owners here.
  • You can find out about DAB reception of commercial services in your area here.
  • The trade body for commercial radio is RadioCentre.

National Commercial Radio

There are three national commercial stations broadcasting on FM or AM throughout the UK as well as via DAB, DTV and online.

  • Classic FM (100-103 FM) - classical music
  • Absolute Radio (AM [mostly 1215 medium wave]) - rock and pop music
  • talkSPORT (AM [mostly 1089/1053 medium wave]) - live sport and debate

Commercial Radio in London

The most popular local commercial stations in London are:

* according to RAJAR Q3 2013

National Brands

Some stations have been collected into networks, sharing some programmes and syndicated output.

Global Radio

Bauer Media

UTV Media