BBC Radio

The BBC Radio department (Director: Helen Boaden) runs five national networks which are broadcast throughout the UK. All are available on DAB radio sets, via digital television including Freeview, and online.

National Networks

  • Radio 1 (97-99 FM) - Contemporary music, entertainment and news
  • Radio 2 (88-91 FM) - Popular music and speech for over 35s
  • Radio 3 (90- 92 FM) - Classical music and arts
  • Radio 4 (92-96 FM, AM [197 long wave]) - News, current affairs, drama, comedy and factual programmes
  • Radio 5 live (AM [909 and 693 medium wave]) - Live news and sport

Digital Only Services

BBC Radio is also responsible for 5 national networks broadcast exclusively on digital platforms (mostly DAB and DTV) and online.

You can read more about these 10 networks here.

Nations & Regions

Listeners in the nations can receive Radio Scotland (English) and Radio Nan GĂ idheal (Gaelic), Radio Wales (English) and Radio Cymru (Welsh) and, in Northern Ireland, Radio Ulster and Radio Foyle.

BBC English Regions operates 40 local radio stations, broadcasting a mix of news and conversation, from Newcastle to Jersey and Norfolk to Cornwall. There's a full list here.

Details of the BBC's local and regional services are available here.


International listeners can receive the BBC's World Service, which broadcasts around the world in English and 27 other languages.

To find out more about the World Service, click here.