Station Manager

The station manager has the responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the station including managing the various departments, scheduling on and off air staff, dealing with promotions and other advertising issues as well as ensuring that the station follows are regulations and guidelines. The station manager is also the liaison between the station owners and the employees and works to make sure that all employees are following the goals of the owners with regards to the type of station and level of professionalism.

The station manager usually hires and trains all employees or oversees the training by department managers in large stations. The station manager may also deal with contract issues with on air personalities as well as work closely with union stewards or other managers within the agency. The station manager has final decision making ability in determining the format for the station and usually interacts directly with the programming director. The station manager also troubleshoots problems in the operation of the station or contracts with other agencies to provide repair or replacement of faulty, damaged or old equipment as needed.

Budget development and financial management of the station is one of the responsibilities of the station manager. He or she works very closely with the sales department and the accounting department to keep the radio station within or ahead of sales expectations. Motivating sales staff as well as networking in the community is an important responsibility of the position. Excellent communication skills as wells as business management experience are a must for a station manager.

Common work activities include:

  • Monitoring and evaluating the quality of the station and meeting all requirements and regulations with regards to programming
  • Motivating and managing sales staff to meet all sales quotas or budget requirements for income
  • Handling all complaints, questions, or request for information about the station
  • Hiring and training of new employees, interns and other personnel at the radio station
  • Networking with other businesses, organizations and agencies to prompt the radio station and increase the market for advertising
  • Developing budget plans, employee schedules and overseeing the daily operation of the station

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