TechConAs a light aside at this year’s TechCon conference we’re inviting you to share your worst technical blunders for our very own TechConfessions. This is your opportunity to own up to the secret shame you’ve been carrying for years and be granted forgiveness.

Remember that time you got your patch cords mixed up and put out your AM station on your FM frequency? Or how about that moment of horror when you remembered the ISDN lines you’d forgotten to get installed for the big OB? How about the time you tripped the power to the studios when you plugged the kettle in, or set off the building fire alarm with your soldering iron? Perhaps you know about something one of your colleagues did which they’ve kept secret all these years and you think deserves to be shared with a wider audience.

Email your confessions and get them off your chest – and don’t worry, names can be changed to protect the guilty!