Radio Festival Programme (TechCon)

Monday 18th October

Time Session




David Lloyd (Orion Media)


Radio Data System – are you making the most of it? A technical overview of Radio Data Systems.

Martin James from Ofcom’s Technical Licensing team opens this year’s festival with a technical overview into the technology which many of us take for granted as well as explaining some of the new features recently added to the RDS standard including RT+.

Martin James (Ofcom)


FM on the move - building national RDS networks

Using BBC Network and Local radio and the Heart network as case studies, Luke Sluman from BBC Distribution and Tim Donaldson from Global Radio take us through the opportunities and challenges of setting up complex multi-transmitter and multi-station networks. How do you make sure you keep your listeners with you as they move from place to place?

Luke Sluman(BBC), Tim Donaldson (Global Radio)

Techno Bullets (Part 1)

A round up of the latest developments across the industry.


Radio and Internet: how to enhance user experience and monetize your content

In this learning session we will demonstrate the value of richer user experiences with live streaming radio today. We will show best practices and how radio broadcasters use the internet and the mobile to increase brand awareness and monetize their content. We will also demonstrate concrete examples of how audio Ad replacement can be used.

Jean-Paul de Vooght (Ando Media Group)


Music Tagging

Various technologies exist to allow ‘tagging’ of broadcast content for purchase or other further interaction, yet none has yet achieved widespread take-up in the UK. Pascal Grierson gives a round-up of the state of the technologies and explores what opportunities this area might present to UK broadcasters.

Pascal Grierson (Unique)


RadioPlayer ‘Under the Hood’

An overview of key components that make up the Radioplayer system and the technical steps to become a participating station.

Adrian Cross (Unique)


Techno Bullets (Part 2)

A round up of the latest developments across the industry



Nick Piggott explains this exciting new project to provide a link between radio broadcast and IP-delivered services. It aims to significantly enhance the experience of radio listening using scalable and resilient broadcast technology connected with additional information provided over an IP back-channel.

Nick Piggott (Global Radio)



What is Periphony and Ambisonics? A lighting explanation by BBC R&D with a chance to have a listen later!

Anthony Churnside (BBC)


Making the most of your content

Jean Michel Laveissiere talks us through making the most of YOUR online player, explores user engagement through social media and other ways in which you can monetise your stream culminating in a future vision of 3D streamed content.

Jean Michel Laveissiere (ipercast)


Planning our Digital Future

Gain an interesting insight into the current thinking and activities being undertaken by the Planning Working Group. Chaired by OFCOM, the recommendations proposed by this group will influence policy development for radio switchover. Discover the complexities of coverage planning, current thinking on field strengths and parameters necessary to deliver robust DAB coverage and the plans being put forward to enable an exciting digital future.

David Peters (Arqiva), David Hemmingway (BBC)


Sustainability, Energy and Broadcasting

A look at the carbon footprint of broadcasting and why this matters. Richard will also explain what the BBC are doing to help understand the impact of its programme production and how the carbon footprint of a BBC local Radio Station is made up.

Richard Smith (BBC)

13.10 LUNCH

The Wonder of the Archive

How does the British Library’s sound archive select, store, digitise, document and preserve such a large and diverse collection - over 3 million published, unpublished and broadcast sound recordings of music, speech and environmental sounds recorded over the past 130 years?

Richard Ranft (British Library)


Surround Sound for Broadcasting

Surround sound is part of cinema, DVD, Blu-ray and increasingly HDTV services. Mark Pascoe of Dolby looks at some surround sound basics and considers how radio might learn from these technologies in order to enable surround radio listening.

Mark Pascoe (Dolby Laboratories)


Outcome of Digital Britain

A light-hearted look at the Digital Britain report.

Jon Holmes




Recording, Marketing and Consumption of Music - Record Company vs the Broadcaster

Steve Long with a lifetimes experience in the recording industry will shed light into some of the darker corners of the relationship between the recording industry and the broadcaster, both from a technical and economic perspective. Where is this crucial relationship going and what impact will developing technology have? Steve may have some of the answers!

Steve Long (Floating Earth)


In-Car Radio

Michael Weber explains how BMW see in-car information and entertainment in the future, and how his company are bringing internet radio to Minis. Also Global Traffic Network demonstrate their Mobile Traffic Network technology which is currently revolutionising traffic information on the move in Kansas City, USA.

Dr Michael Weber (BMW), Will Jackson (GTN)


Conference round up

Radio Futurologist and commentator James Cridland takes you on an insightful and witty look back at our day in Radio Technology!

James Cridland