Want to work in Radio? The Radio Academy can help

Our Masterclasses are designed for young people who are thinking of a career in broadcast. Each Masterclass is a day conference comprising a variety of seminars, hands-on skills sessions and lectures.

Radio Academy Masterclasses have been providing practical advice for getting into and getting on in the radio industry since 1999. We try to cover all areas of the industry to open it up to young people who are less likely to be aware of what is available.

Industry Support

We work together with people from across the radio industry to produce our Masterclasses, with support coming from the BBC, commercial radio, radio industry independents, Creative Skillset, and associated regulators and government bodies.


Radio Academy Masterclasses attract attendees from a wealth of youth media – including student radio, hospital radio, and community radio, but also those who are pursuing academic broadcasting courses and those from the wider community who have an interest in radio and just want to learn more.


Past Masterclasses have included:

as well as general Radio Masterclasses in Carlisle, Hastings and Bangor.

Topics covered have ranged from the basics of “how to get a job in radio”, to more practical advice about planning a show, post-production skills and demo workshops.

Foot In The Door

Every year, we also run a special Masterclass called Foot In The Door at the Radio Festival. For more information about Foot In The Door, please click here.